“The world is changing. Recruiters are being asked to adapt quickly to meet new demands and opportunities.

eBoss recruitment software will always provide our customers with a competitive advantage. We do this through innovations in recruitment technology, and through a peerless support service which welcomes every new customer into our family of businesses.

eBoss assists you as a recruiter in every step of your journey. We help established firms to reduce baseline operating costs and raise performance. We aid recruitment start-ups who need a cost-efficient solution; helping them to keep pace with competitors right out of the starting blocks.

eBoss: adding value to the recruitment equation

With our network of recruitment software partners, we have developed a set of user-friendly tools that streamline your workflows – however you operate.

We have recently added Match technology. This powerful AI assistant is able to understand the requirements of any open job order and source suitable clients held within your database – with one single click. Now you can build the perfect shortlist of qualified candidates that will delight your client every time – in less than ten seconds.

Our most recent software update has seen us roll out eBoss Jobfeed. By collecting global recruitment Big Data, we are able to deliver fresh leads to your system every single day. With eBoss Jobfeed, a single screen lets you view every new job posting from around the web, every day. Work from a list of many hundreds of thousands of open job orders and reach out to new clients.

Or, further filter the results to focus on your chosen area of specialisation, and introduce your service to a network of long-lasting repeat customers. There has never been a sales lead generation tool as powerful as this in the recruitment market.

While we live in a world of extraordinary and unexpected events, we always think it is healthy to keep a mindset which reminds us that “none of us can see into the future”. Holding to this principle, we don’t promise you predictive tools or offer market trends which evaporate overnight. We provide features and functionality which enable you to capitalise on all eventualities – however unexpected they may be.

So, wherever you have set your sights, we look forward to working with you.”

David Lyons,
Managing Director