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Schools: the new talent pipeline? | Recruiters Weekly News

Private enterprise is playing a leading role in educational funding. Although organisations would present their contributions as acts of social responsibility, they may be donating to attract top talent. But if schools become the next talent pipeline, what effects could competition have on educational budgets – and traditional recruitment? Doncaster College to meet the challenges […]

The Best Professions for a wage increase? | Recruiters Weekly News

While the UK economy struggles to build overall momentum, a survey this week shows the sectors which have enjoyed the fastest wage growth of the past year. Are you one of the lucky ones? Recruitment among top industries for wage increases Recruitment features among the list of top ten industries for pay increases, according to […]

How to create a fair deal for employees | Recruiters Weekly News

Uber has lost its right to trade in London, and the fundamental concepts of the ‘gig economy’ are being called into question. Business leaders and authorities must now choose a path for the future of recruitment. But is the answer to regulate jobs – or to find a way to make unsecured appointments work for […]

Strong recruitment forecasts defy pessimists | Recruiters Weekly News

Recruitment to British industries shows no signs of slowing, while HR looks to automation for the answers. UK: Crisis of confidence, but recruiters forecast growth A survey conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has found outlooks among UK employers to be at their most pessimistic since the EU referendum. The survey data shows […]

Recruiting Generation-Z? Use agility and image | Recruiters Weekly News

Also: protecting unsecured workers remains a challenge, but do Australia’s new laws hold the solution? Australia: three states announce labour hire licensing The troublesome issue of unsecured work has drawn a fair amount of attention both in Britain and abroad in recent years, and the challenge of protecting low-skilled employees caught in the ‘uberisation of […]

How to future proof recruitment

The internet age has provoked one of the most rapid technological advancements in human history. But, as we stand on the threshold of even greater progress in the fields of artificial intelligence and automation, what hope do smaller businesses have of keeping pace? eBoss looks at the changing landscape of the recruitment industry, and forumlates […]

Recruitment: A buyer’s market? | Recruiters Weekly News

Market data suggests that average earnings may be falling – but are the figures giving us an accurate picture of today’s recruitment landscape? Advertised wages reach a three year low The cost of the hire has become a major concern for many businesses in recent years, but one unexpected piece of news this week would […]

A Renaissance in Reskilling | Recruiters Weekly News

Would you retrain to boost your value at work? The reskilling phenomenon. A new report into the future of work by accountancy giant PwC has identified a flourishing trend for independent upskilling amongst the British work force – in order to boost their personal value with their employers. The report – Workforce of the future: the […]

Have formal qualifications had their day? | Recruiters Weekly News

Top employers prize intelligence and integrity above grades. MI5 recruitment to keep an eye on budgets If you were asked to create a new job by merging two existing positions, you would be hard pressed to find a more glamorous combination than ‘spy-plus-investment banker’. And yet, that is precisely the dream job that domestic intelligence […]

flexible working as standard? | Recruiters Weekly News

A new report suggests that flexible working agreements may address many of the fundamental inequalities of the workplace. But how can businesses meet the logistical demands of managing a highly flexible workforce? Flexibility as standard The digital age has spawned an abundance of catchy buzzwords – from paperless offices to uberfication – to describe what […]

The recruitment balancing act

New studies from Australia suggest bias can remain even in blind selection processes; the NHS seeks a mental health expansion, and UK aviation is creating jobs. Expansion of mental health care will face tough challenges The UK government has announced a major expansion of NHS mental health care services and facilities, which will include a […]

HOW TO….test the efficiency of your recruitment software

Recruitment software. It is changing the industry in countless ways – removing the burden of menial tasks and improving performance outcomes. But many recruiters struggle to assess the real-world savings that their software solution is providing. In fact, this problem is more common than one might expect. After all, it is not easy to measure […]