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Will Web Giants Change Recruitment? | Recruiters Weekly News

It has been a week of considerable activity in the world of online recruitment services. But – cosmetic alterations aside – how much has really changed? As of last week, Facebook has officially entered the online recruitment space: announcing that its own Facebook Jobs feature is to be rolled out across the entire social network. […]

Australia Seeks a Challenge

When it comes to retaining new recruits, it is excitement – and not rewards – which plays the greatest part in keeping Australians happy, a new survey has found. It is a challenge for the modern age of recruiting: how to retain a loyal workforce and keep motivation high over the long term? In an […]

Mixed Fortunes for Scotland’s Recruiters

Recruitment to full time positions in Scotland may be in the midst of a “substantial decline”, according to one new survey of industry experts, it was revealed this week. Research carried out by industry analysts Markit points to a mixed picture for recruiters in Scotland, with demand for full time workers increasing in several key […]

The Uncertainty Principle: The Value of Agility in Times of Change

“May you live in interesting times” is a famous Chinese curse. Today, many recruiters will no doubt sympathise with that old proverb’s negative take on uncertainty, as they consider their own prospects for the year ahead. It is hard to recall a time of greater political and commercial change, and the recruitment industry finds itself […]

Results-Oriented Decision-making, and the Hidden Cost of ‘Free’

You get what you pay for, the old adage tells us. But in our modern world of automation and open-source software solutions, does that saying still hold true? Business services remain a buyers’ market, and we have become somewhat accustomed to decreasing prices and sophisticated, free-to-use alternatives to expensive proprietary software. On appearance, it is […]

eBoss Recruitment Software | Recruiters Weekly News

One in Four UK companies set to make permanent hires Despite the understandable dip in confidence following the Brexit poll result, a recent REC poll shows 25% of businesses plan to take on more staff in the next 3 months – the REC press release dated 26th October 2016 reads: Wednesday, 26 October 2016 Almost […]

How To Attract Top Candidates

Attracting the best candidates to your agency is a crucial factor when recruiting for well established clients. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that the applicants that you are able to provide as a recruiter are the best in the field. Whether you are recruiting for a small or large business, […]

eBoss Newsletter Summer 2016

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us…. – how time flies when you’re having fun ! This month we celebrated our 15th Birthday and it’s probably a good time to reflect on how far eBoss has evolved over those years. When we started, the mobile phone was just going mainstream : Google was 2 […]

Data Security is Crucial for Recruitment Agencies

The recruitment agency industry is privy to highly confidential information that few other private organisations have access to. Candidates and clients trust that their information will be treated with respect by the recruitment agency they provided it to. Any breach of data security could cause significant distress or loss for the clients and candidates concerned […]