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Calculate then improve your agency’s profitability

Service based organisations aren’t as easy as manufacturing business’ to calculate if they turn a profit each month. Manufacturers know the cost of the raw goods then add in the manufacturing and operational costs to arrive at a cost per item. This difference between the manufacture cost and the selling price is profit. An agency […]

7 Ways to Attract Client Enquiries from your Website

No recruitment agency wants a brochure website that provides prospects with good information but doesn’t do its ultimate job in converting those visitors to leads. For most organisations, their website is an integral part of their marketing efforts but is your site delivering you enough client enquiries? Here’s seven ways to boost the number of […]

The right technology helps recruitment agencies to grow

Advances in technology are celebrated as an improvement to our everyday life. From the web to handheld devices, digital technology has changed the way many of us work today. But has technology had the same impact on the recruitment industry? It’s such a ‘people industry’ that some parts of the recruitment process haven’t been impacted […]

How to Position your Recruitment Agency as the Industry Expert

Clients want to feel confident that their recruitment agency knows their industry inside out. By taking the following actions your agency can become known as the qualified expert in an industry. Knowledge Keep up to date with industry changes and growth, challenges, competition and government regulatory changes. Read widely by setting up a number of […]

Seven Reasons Why Recruiters Shouldn’t Negotiate on Rate

You’ve heard it all before. Take a hit on this job with a promise for many more jobs to follow in the near future. Talking rates is always the tricky part of a new client relationship. Neither party wants to offend but neither party wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of either. […]

Save Time and Money Thanks to CV Parsing

Running a business comes with a surprising number of hidden costs, everything from office supplies to keeping the lavatories stocked. One of the most pernicious and unavoidable is the hiring process, when a new position opens up you’re already losing productivity and revenue by not having it filled. When you add in the costs associated […]