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Blockchain explained: the use cases for recruitment

In our special feature, we examine blockchain recruitment software. Could the technology that powers cryptocurrencies revolutionise the recruitment industry, too? Cutting through the hype surrounding bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. From market boom-and-bust to security breaches, thefts, and hidden online marketplaces, it is easy to think of the entire sector as […]

The Final Countdown: GDPR For Recruitment

This week, the world has woken up to its GDPR obligations. By 17:00 on Friday, May 28th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law. Are you ready? A lot has already been written about GDPR, and what it means for your business. At eBoss, we have done our bit, with free GDPR resources […]

The Recruitment Battleground | Recruiters Weekly News

Should the military use “emotional” advertising in its recruitment campaigns? As working cultures change, the British army is caught in a debate over whether to resist – or adapt to – our modern expectations of work. Brexit remains a source of contention – and of mixed forecasts for UK recruitment. Iceland has made gender pay […]

2018 trends: Agility, security, and the recruitment blockchain | Recruiters Weekly News

With the start of a new year, eBoss considers some of the candidates for recruitment’s hottest trend in 2018. Will the winner be blockchain recruitment technology? Changes to employment agreements and working culture? Or will it be the ever-present concern of addressing GDPR compliance? The real answer may be a combination of all three. Australian […]