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Are you experienced?

This week we look at two sides of the same coin: experience. Company image and working environments are more important to Millennials’ career choices than pay. So is the recruitment experience that you provide still making the grade? With unemployment rates at their lowest for nearly half a century, there has never been a better […]

Recruitment consolidation and competition

What will consolidation in the jobs market mean for agile recruiters? As industry giants look set to merge, questions of choice and competition could become the talking point of the next twelve months. Finding candidates is becoming a challenge for businesses of all sizes. So how are Britain’s innovative SMEs solving the current drought in […]

The two halves of UK recruiting

How united is the United Kingdom when it comes to recruitment opportunities? This week we look at the two halves of the British recruiting sector. We begin by asking: what happens when you plot average wages on a map of the UK? Some of the disparities could come as a surprise. There are two more […]

Robots will rescue Brexit Britain

With the Brexit clock ticking, the government has placed its faith (and £1 billion) in a robotic bailout. But will investment in a digital future help Britain take the lead – or just keep pace – in the global race for talent? GDPR panic hits the social networks. And classrooms are the best talent pipelines, […]

Global Recruitment Insights

The recruitment world is facing large scale changes. This week we look at some of the seismic shifts we can look forward to. And we consider why, when recruiters succeed, that is a good sign for the wider economy. Global Recruitment to 2022 Analysts at Orbis Research have published a wide-ranging forecast of the next […]

Optimism for Agile Recruiters?

As industry giants report slow growth, we consider whether geopolitical change could favour ‘the little guy’. And automation is coming, but will distractions and a lack of groundwork leave employees stranded? Not if we embrace the opportunities it provides, says one expert. “Subdued” UK performance for recruitment giant The more immediate impact of Brexit on […]

Guidance on legitimate interest

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidance on processing data on the grounds of a legitimate interest. The guidelines will assist recruiters preparing their legitimate interest assessment. The UK’s new gender pay gap reporting system appears to have been a success. Response rates have been positive – but are were the right questions being […]

Recruitment Software on Trial

A good recruitment software can save you time and money. This week, we also learned that it can help you win legal battles, too. Gender pay disparity remaining a hot-button topic in our industry. We look at some of the equality wins – and shortcomings – in the week’s headlines. And where are Australia’s executives? […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is often viewed with more than a little skepticism. Although it can be easy to see automated workplaces as a dystopian vision of the future, this week we look at a few of the ways that the digital transformation will create new opportunities for recruiters. Demand for AI Professionals Soars The demand for […]

Why we won’t all turn into robot recruiters

Recruitment technology is changing the industry. But rather than fighting the inevitable march of progress – or, worse, running from it – recruiters can adapt and grow in a digital tomorrow. The Future of Recruitment Technology What are the common themes that industry forecasts all seem to share? Usually, they put recruitment technology at the […]