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Why entry level roles may drop in 2020 | Recruitment News UK

The year opens with predictions of a slowdown in graduate recruitment and entry level roles. Young professionals may be facing a year of fewer employment opportunities and increased competition, according to one new report. The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) Pulse Survey 2020 records a slowdown in the rate of recruitment of graduates and school […]

2019: A Year in Recruitment | UK Recruitment News

2019 has come and gone. But what were the landmark moments for recruiters over the last twelve months? From changing trends in skills to your own survey data, here are the year’s most-clicked stories. • The year began in political uncertainty, but the jobs market was buoyant. January saw eBoss looking ahead to the next […]

ONS Job Market Data: December 2019 | UK Recruitment News

Job creation continues to fall as vacancies slide for a tenth consecutive month. December’s report covers employment market activity from September to November 2019. The data reveals trends which may help recruiters’ strategies for 2020. The big political football remains the rates of employment and unemployment. The UK employment rate for the end of 2019 […]

UK Biz: “No choice” but to freeze hires | UK Recruitment Software

Political uncertainty has created the sharpest decrease in hiring intentions for more than a decade. Brexit. A general election at Christmas. And no guarantee of any quick resolution – whatever the results. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that Britain’s ongoing political uncertainties have affected the nation’s hiring intentions. The country goes to the polls […]

eBoss: “Legalesign partnership shows UK leading the way” | UK Recruitment News

A new eBoss partnership with UK-based digital signing pioneers helps recruiters to automate paperwork and reduce their carbon footprint. The eBoss team is delighted to announce our new working partnership with Legalesign. The Cambridge-based tech firm are recognised as pioneers in the field of digital signing technologies. Together, the two firms have pledged to tackle […]

Where graduates want to work | UK Recruitment News

A new list finds where graduates want to work – away from London. Recruiters are always keen to stay on top of emerging workplace trends. So a new study of where graduate candidates want to work should be of particular interest. Graduate recruitment can be especially challenging for talent managers and employers. University leavers are […]

End of the line for off-payroll reforms? | Recruitment News UK

Opposition parties have united against proposed IR35 reforms The general election is less than two weeks away. Businesses are eager to know what to expect from the next government. This week, a consensus appears to have formed among opposition parties, regarding the controversial proposals for handling off-payroll work. The proposed “IR35” amendments would introduce drastic […]

APSCo advocates new worker status | Recruitment News UK

Professional body APSCo suggests a new class of skilled worker as it aims to “educate those in Westminster” about realities of modern recruiting. APSCo – the Association of Professional Recruitment Companies – will advise the next government to introduce a new worker status. The strategy, which has been set out in the association’s 2019 General […]

Don’t be a Cnut | UK Recruitment Software

King Cnut thought that he could ignore the changing tides – and look where that got him. In this blog post, eBoss examines the risk of complacency in the face of inevitable change for recruitment. History is filled with valuable lessons from which we can all learn. One of the best is the tale of […]