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What might a Great Reset of Recruitment look like? | UK Recruitment News

Britain is back to work. But how has the UK job market changed? The most restrictive lockdown measures end this month. Shops and bars have already started welcoming customers back inside. International travel may soon become easier to access, too. But has lockdown had a lasting impact on the UK jobs market? Job Market Impact […]

New to recruitment – Setting Targets | recruitment consultancy tips

“Setting achievable recruitment targets does more than make a rod for your own back. Your choice of goals will help you to understand your own business more thoroughly.” Overview Data analytics is big business. Today, organisations as disparate as sports clubs, global retail giants, and social networks are storing and analysing oceans of Big Data […]

New to recruitment – Security & Compliance | recruitment consultancy tips

“Is data compliance a big deal when I’m just starting out?” Overview Here’s a typical situation to find yourself in as an entrepreneur. You’ve just set up your recruitment enterprise. You are hungry for clients and eager to attract candidates. You’re possibly working at your own kitchen table. A distraction is the last thing you […]

eBoss: best for recruitment software support | recruitment software news

We are delighted to reveal that the eBoss support team has been named the best of the recruitment software industry in an international competition. eBoss is delighted to announce we have been named the world’s best recruitment software support team of 2021 by SoftwareSuggest. The comparison website’s awards named eBoss as the best for customer […]

Hiring Bias: why it’s a recruiter’s responsibility | Recruitment Consultancy Tips

Everyone is conscious of unconscious hiring bias. Here’s how small changes to your recruiting processes can assist clients and help them to deliver a fairer candidate experience. Unconscious hiring bias: it’s a tricky subject to tackle, but one which recruiters can benefit from by confronting head on. Today, everyone is conscious of unconscious bias, which […]

New to recruitment – Attracting Candidates | recruitment consultancy tips

“Attracting candidates in an age of social distancing. What are the answers?” overview As a recruiter, your candidates are your product. That may be a simplification of your role, but it’s a decent starting point. Your number one priority as a new recruitment enterprise is therefore to fill your recruitment database with high quality candidates. […]