Recruiting Through Disruption

Societies across the world are learning to adapt to meet the challenges of the coronavirus, and eBoss is no different. We are acutely aware that, under such circumstances, safety comes first.

At the same time, we understand that the work of recruiters is now more important than ever.

  • Many organisations will be short-staffed due to self-imposed isolation.

  • Many thousands of workers could soon find themselves facing redundancies.

We realise that it is crucial that recruitment enterprises such as yours continue to function and provide services wherever they are required. We will do our bit to make sure you continue to operate at full strength.

eBoss will continue to offer the full range of services and support that we always have done.

Our partners and service providers will remain active and online throughout the disruptions.


The government has advised against all non-essential travel, and a significant number of businesses are now asking staff to work from home. This includes many oranisations within the recruiting sector.

For many businesses – and individuals – this will be an entirely new experience.

eBoss has operated remote teams within our enterprise for over a decade, meaning that our operations are somewhat resilient to the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus. We have also learned many valuable lessons over that time. If it will help, then we are glad to share our experiences with you.

We have put together a short pamphlet to share our experiences and offer some advice on various topics:

  • Setting up accessibility to records and data
  • securing your decentralised systems

  • Managing remote teams of workers

  • Teamwork and shared responsibilities

  • Mindfulness and well-being


eBoss has been running multiple decentralised and remote teams within our own organisation for years.

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