• eBoss 360° brings complete job board integration to your office. Powered by idibu.

Features for eBoss 360°

• Publish jobs to multiple channels: job boards, portals, aggregators, and social media – all from the same screen.

• Amplify your calls-to-action and extend your reach.

• Lets candidates respond to your adverts – and collects their application data.

• Import every new contact to your eBoss Applicant Tracker with a single action.

Product Overview


eBoss 360° is a product of our close technological partnership with idibu.

Full 360° integration lets customers post to multiple channels at once – while also collecting the vital details of every respondent.

For idibu account-holders, this means:

  1. creating a job listing and publishing it all from a single screen;
  2. targeting your listing to reach social channels, job boards, portals and aggregators;
  3. Discovering a world of talent as soon as they discover you
  4. Never letting a candidate slip through your fingers. Collect and store every respondent on your eBoss database.

eBoss 360° combines the familiar enterprise management facilities that you are familiar with your Core eBoss service. It then integrates idibu technologies within your existing working environment.

We just made your key tasks faster and easier than ever before. And you won’t need to learn an entirely new software system to make use of this innovation. It all happens within your existing eBoss.

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