Powerful recruitment lead generation software to revolutionise your sales strategy.

Features for eBoss Jobfeed:

• Jobfeed searches the entire web for new opportunities and openings every day.

• Jobfeed detects new job listings posted to job boards, recruitment portals, and to the websites of individual organisations and businesses.

• Complete job order data is collected and sent to your desktop. Receive thousands of sales leads every day that your competitors could only dream of.

• Connect with a world of potential new clients and build new business relationships.

• Fully compatible with eBoss Match. eBoss automates Matches against the vacancies that Jobfeed has found for you with a single click; further reducing times-to-hired.

Product Overview

Modern recruitment lead generation software

Jobfeed is a next generation recruitment lead generation software. It is deceptively easy to use, given the enormous volume of raw job market data that is available within the Jobfeed.

That data is sent to you, and the smart eBoss User Interface organises it – making it even faster and simpler to use.

Build searches for sales leads that span the entire UK job market. Limit what you see to focus on your areas of specialisation. Increase your market share by contacting new clients in your sector as soon as they post a new job order.

Alternatively, expand into new sectors and territories when the time is right. You have all of the UK job market data at your fingertips. It is up to you to decide how to use it.

Jobfeed is a next generation technology that brings simple automations and AI to your office. It is a premium product by any standards. However, our close partnership with its developers TextKernel means that eBoss is able to deliver this groundbreaking feature at little cost to you.

Read how Jobfeed is improving business development strategies for real enterprises.