Smart AI to automate list-building
    & remove unconscious bias.

Features for eBoss Match:

• Build unique longlists for every individual job order with a single click.

• Eradicate the risk of unconscious bias by having your longlists prepared for you by artificial intelligence.

• The AI assesses the suitability of candidates based on their own words – their CV’s – meaning there is no room for bias in your process.

• Remove hours of manual database and admin duties on every job.

• Fully compatible with eBoss Jobfeed. Browse the latest vacancies on Jobfeed and use the integrated Match button on your system. You can build a list of qualifying candidates within seconds of a job going live!

Product Overview

Preparing you for the future

Match is an add-on for semantic search – meaning that you will need to enable semantic on your account before Match will work for you.

Once activated, Match is the database optimisation that you have always dreamed of: longlisting with a single click.

Picture this. A new job order arrives. You open the vacancy details on your desktop and you click the Match button for that job. Your database then runs a semantic search on your behalf and returns all of the candidates who qualify for the position. And they are weighted with a score out of five dependent on how well-suited to the role they are. Your longlist is built for you and removes any doubts about unconscious bias in your hiring process. Every candidate that makes the subsequent shortlist has earned their place. You can be confident of this, because the longlist from which they were selected contained only the most suitable candidates – based on their own words.