Best value recruitment software? That’s eBoss! | recruitment news

Which are the best value recruitment software systems on the market this year? Product review site Software Suggest believes eBoss leads the field.

It’s 2022: cost efficiencies have become a key factor for all businesses. Two years of economic slowdown have created conditions where organisations are careful about what they spend. For this reason, eBoss is particularly delighted to receive timely recognition as the Best value Recruiting Software of 2022.

The eBoss software system was awarded its “best value recruiting software of 202” status by the review site Software Suggest. The title came as part of the website’s annual industry awards event.

In previous years, eBoss has picked up wins as the Great User Experience software (2019), and User Recommended software (2020). Last year, our support staff got a special recognition for their work during the pandemic, as Best Support Team 2021.

But 2022 is the first year where the software product itself has been brought into the limelight.

Defining the Best Value Recruitment Software

So, what goes in to making eBoss the Best value recruitment software of the year?

The judging panel looks at several factors in making their decision. Breadth of services and features are assessed. Starting costs, as well as the scalability of prices, are compared across the market. The judgement that eBoss is the best value recruitment software of 2022 is based on these main points.

But what is the cost of eBoss? The standard, eBoss Core service begins from as little as £1.63 per user per day.

Customers of the Core service never have to sign a long-term service agreement. Payments are made, month-by-month. It means that there is very little economic risk when using eBoss. If you cannot afford the outgoings, you will not be locked into a long-term agreement. Similarly, you need not pay a lump sum up front if you do not wish.

And scaling to your successes is easy: add a new colleague to the system and the prices per user remain the same. This makes managing growth exceptionally easy with eBoss.

The prize for Best Value Software is the latest of several recent wins for eBoss. At the start of the year, the brand reached second place on the the shortlist of the best recruitment software systems of 2022.

“Our Pricing is a lifeline to recruiters”

eBoss UK Director Robert Ward expressed his pride in the award:

“This year may not be the “business as usual” year that everyone hoped for. But we as a company are conscious of the need for everybody to play their part in a brighter future. We are thankful to Software Suggest for recognising us in their awards for this year.

Throughout our long time delivering systems to the recruitment industry, we have learned many lessons on what our customers value. And that value is not only about our features-rich working environment. It’s the support, stability and the sense of total control that we provide to our customers. It’s also about offering a cost effective approach. Our pricing has been a lifeline to some of the recruiters using our product. We’ve a very user-friendly payment plan and our entry level pricing will always stand shoulder to should er among the most competitive you can find, anywhere in the world. Our message to recruiters, if you haven’t tried eBoss yet? Give us a go. Now more than ever businesses are learning the significance of a good value for money service like ours.”

Software Suggest spokesperson Deepali Chandani commended eBoss, saying: “You’ve been committed to your customers, and your team goes above and beyond to make it happen.”

To learn more about the award-winning services and features available from eBoss, visit our Features page.