How easy is it to create a better candidate experience with ATS assistance? Our step-by-step guide looks at three quick tips for more effective applicant tracking

The candidate experience is one of the key performance indicators of your success as a recruitment consultancy. A successful candidate is a happy candidate. A happy candidate is one who will recommend your services to others, and help you to grow organically.

Unsurprisingly, a positive candidate experience is also one of the primary objectives for business leaders. More than a fifth of recruiters named the candidate experience as their top priority in a recent survey.

Building a better candidate experience with ATS

In this guide, we will take a look at how effective use of your office software can improve your candidates’ experiences.

Our strategies cover the earliest interactions, through the full applicant track, to customisations and automated responses.

The guide is an overview of the challenges you may face with your own recruitment agency. However, it provides initial talking points which can focus your mind and assist your decision-making. We always have areas for improvement in our professional lives. Could one part of your candidate experience be affecting the performance of your whole agency?

How the applicant tracking system assists

The eBoss applicant tracking system is a fully customisable workflow. OK, that might sound complicated. But a customised track is much easier for you to use than one which is fixed and rigid.

The eBoss ATS adapts to the way you want to work: allowing you to set your own paths and parameters.

Perhaps you like to schedule a video interview after a candidate has submitted a resumé before you shortlist them. The eBoss ATS allows you to set this stage in the applicant track. It will even let you add additional steps – maybe to schedule a communication to let the candidate know.

We believe that the most vital component of every applicant tracking system is the recruiter themselves. If your applicants feel as though they are being filtered through a one-size-fits-all funnel, then they will lose confidence in your ability to find suitable positions for them as individuals.

On the other hand, if you choose a customisable option, you can offer a better candidate experience with ATS that works the way you want to work.