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eBoss Newsletter Summer 2016

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us….

– how time flies when you’re having fun !

This month we celebrated our 15th Birthday and it’s probably a good time to reflect on how far eBoss has evolved over those years.

When we started, the mobile phone was just going mainstream :

2001 eBoss Launches

Google was 2 years old.

Sven Goran Eriksson took over as England Manager from Kevin Keegan.

Liverpool won the League & Eufa Cups (yes it was that long ago).

The residents of Brixton took to the streets constructing a series of alfresco firepit/ bbq’s using anything that came to hand (bins/pallets/police cars)

Ramona Marquez, the cute kid from Outnumbered was born and new car owners were parking their shiny Y reg Mk1 Ford Focus hatchbacks in Odeon cark parks and queueing for tickets to see Bridget Jones on the big screen.

Happy Days !

So to celebrate our 15th birthday, we’ve decided you get all the gifts.

In honour of our 15th, we’re offering a discount to match.

For any new sign ups or upgrades in the next 15 days (expires 18th August 2016),

you’ll get a permanent 15% discount on the new licences.

If you think that’s crazy, we’ve only just begun.

Run Forrest Robert Run

run robert run


eBoss Sales guru, fitness fanatic and all round good guy Rob Ward is running a marathon in October – his PB is 3:15 and he’s come up with a way you can play along at home.

Keep an eye out for the next newsletter to find out how Rob’s time could directly affect your bottom line.

We think you’re going to love it.




Brexit won’t happen overnight. Even under the most optimistic circumstances where Britain triggers article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and signals it’s intention to leave the EU it could take a full two years to negotiate the exit, which means we’ll probably be hearing about it daily well into 2019

So while it’s still early days the worst fears of the Brexit outcome have not materialised. The pound while down at 2014 levels against the Euro will no doubt recover lost ground as the FTSE-100 continues to rally towards parity with pre referendum levels.

The markets were surprised by the outcome of the vote and the FTSE-100 and major world indices dipped 5% in the following days, but that proved to be short lived with the markets rallying up 20% on February levels technically delivering what analysts consider a “Bull Market”

The over hyped scare tactics of both sides are unfortunate and in our opinion you only ever head into a recession if you go there mentally first.

The fear that uncertainty and loss of access to the common market would plunge markets, currency and property prices to crash have proved unfounded.

Britain’s exit from the EU may in fact force a change in the EU itself to maybe a less overtly political organisation and steer it back to a common market for trade amongst equal sovereign states without the legal, regulatory and financial integration.

Continuing to spend and keeping the economy moving is essential in the success of a post Brexit Britain and for recruiters there is a clear potential upside.

If and when article 50 is invoked, we have to entrust the government of the day to have in place the trade agreements and labour laws to ensure the pool of available skilled talent is present.

There will more than likely be an influx of talent pre official Brexit and some movement after which is where the opportunities will present themselves for savvy recruiters.

We’re seeing a lot of capital raising and expansion with one of our peers reporting a near doubling of their user base in the UK this year

So do your bit for Queen and country, go hard, invest, expand if you can and seize the opportunities while your competitors cower in the broom cupboard fearing the worst.

As Henry Ford famously said :

“ Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right ! “


We’re doing our bit and ramping up development of some killer new features.

News from the Labs

recruitment database labs

Keep an eye out for a brand new interface – our UX designers have been working hard to bring you a cleaner & more intuitive interface to make your recruiting lives a little easier.



recruitment software ui

Gathering up all the most used features and making them available where ever you are in eBoss, we think you’ll like the new look and feel but more importantly the functionality.

– and –

A new custom reporting module so you can design and generate your own reports that help you make key decisions in your business. You will be able to select and present the key data in a format that suits you.

– and –

How about a Temp Billing module to allow you to book and charge directly out of eBoss

– and –

Gamification – set in house challenges based around your sales or activities targets and see who can top the leaderboards


Tech Tip



Did you know that the “i” icon that shows alongside candidates and clients is customisable.

In settings you can nominate the information that is displayed when you click the icon.

It’s fairly self explanatory, but if you need assistance, shoot through a support request and we’ll walk you through how to customise the information displayed.

Professional Development



As professionals, we all recognise the need for constant improvement both personal and in our professional lives.

Reading good personal development and business growth books are a sure fire way to enhance your business and personal performance.

We’ve started a monthly book competition over on our Facebook page where we are giving away some of the best on trend business and personal development books.

To be in the running, simply head on over to our Facebook Page – like the page if you haven’t already and share the book competition post – it’s pinned at the top of the feed.

Then you’ll be in the running to win a set of highly recommended books to add to your library or to share around the office.

You can find our Facebook page HERE

David Says….

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter, we really appreciate it.

If you are not part of the eBoss movement to ensure recruitment is as easy and fun as possible, please take advantage of the current free trial offer.

We would love to see you onboard and taking advantage of Semantic search and our unparalleled customer service.


David Lyons – Managing Director
David Lyons