Infographic: Recruiting on social media

Social media is big business, but is it paying dividends for recruiters? Our infographic explores the highs and lows of social media recruiting campaigns.

We are approaching a point when half of the world will soon be social media users. The commercial potential of such a huge, global audience is obvious. But how much has social media really impacted the hiring process?

Recently, we published an article on recruiting in social media. In that report, we heard from industry voices that believed social media hiring might not be all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, many recruitment professionals consider social networks to be the least effective channel for making placements.

We were intrigued by this, and wanted to understand the reasons behind the negative sentiment from our industry. Was it simply a case of old hands failing to embrace new opportunities? Or are there genuine shortcomings in the social media experience that prevent it from become a core part of the hiring process?

Recruiting on social media: an infographic

With our new infographic, eBoss looks at the hard facts behind recruiting on social media: where it excels, who is using it, and what recruitment professionals really think of hiring in social cyberspace.

Maybe it can help you to make decisions when planning your own social media recruiting strategy?

The future of social media recruiting?

What we learn is that there is a massive gulf in expectations between user-candidates, employers, and recruitment professionals.

On the one hand, almost all young professionals use social media in their job hunting processes. And employers are almost entirely enthusiastic about the role of social networks in talent attraction and acquisition. In terms of the volume game, social media is a win for recruiting.

But there are clear shortcomings, too. Candidates are apprehensive about security and privacy concerns. At the same time, social media postings are inherently limited in length and content. Both of these factors mean that social media is a content-poor medium for understanding a candidate. This, perhaps, is the reason why recruiters see the channels as so ineffective.

But does that make social networks redundant to recruiting? Absolutely not. The sheer volume and audience reach is its own benefit. But it’s an audience which must be engaged, sorted and processed in a manner that makes the end result more efficient than traditional recruiting. At present, this is the sticking point for many firms. Those who are able to find the solution, however, can look at enormous scalability in their own operations.

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