We study localised market data to look for recruitment opportunities.

What happens when you use a nationwide sales tool to focus your regional recruitment? That is the question we put to our own business development system – Jobfeed – as we aim to assist with a location based job search.

How can the next generation of hiring tools help your business to scale? Our look at Jobfeed data demonstrates the flexibility built into these systems.

One of the hidden powers of the feed is the ease at which you can target your searches. A hiring tool to assist with a location based job search is highly valued among recruiters. And rightly so. Geography is the number one factor in the success of most hires.

So, combine location based job search functionality with real-time lead collection, and you would have one powerful hiring tool, right? That is exactly how eBoss Jobfeed works.

In this demo, we have selected five urban centres from around Great Britain, and taken a snapshot of new jobs created within a 24 hour period. Does it show you a long-term, over-arching trend in the market? No – the data is too limited to determine long-term movements of this kind. But does it provide you with real-world opportunities to beat the competition and be first to the punch with every new job listing? Absolutely.

Choose a specific region – or even postcode – and find every job in the vicinity. Limit that localised search to only report on the industries and sectors you already deal with, or find new ways to expand.

The real-world scenario

Perhaps one of the more overlooked features of the Jobfeed is the user’s ability to expand or concentrate geographical searches incrementally. So, you begin by hunting for new vacancies in your street’s exact postal code. No surprises that there are very few leads to follow up on. So you expand the scope of your search by entering only the town-level prefix of the postcode (eg: LS1 for Leeds). Now you have more than a thousand new vacancies to work with.

But our Jobfeed doesn’t stop there. You can expand that search radius by five-mile increments to 25 miles into the surrounding area. Even further afield, you can consider jobs within 50 or 100 miles of your target address. Your catchment zone (and number of potential sales leads) increases exponentially into the many thousands.

But, as a recruiter, this is not only helpful to agencies that are playing the volumes game. For those of us focused in on a more qualitative service, the hiring tools help to deliver a better candidate experience. Now, you can be the dream recruiter that every applicant hopes for, with very little extra work on your part. Search for openings for individual candidates, and limit the radius of the job hunt depending on that candidate’s own means and preferences. Do they hold a driver’s license? Then cast your net wide: the 25 mile surrounding area is an ideal drive into work. Do they need to stay local? Limit results to only show those within the exact postal code area of the applicant.

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