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The Over 55 workforce used to have one eye on retirement. Now, they are more likely than ever to be looking for a career change.

Britain’s over 55 workforce is preparing for a fresh start, rather than putting its feet up, a new study has learned.

Once – in the not too distant past – the over 55s were often seen as entering the final leg of their careers. But today’s late-middle aged employees are more likely to be looking for fresh opportunities.

That is according to a recent survey by the insurance company Aviva.

The study recorded a change in attitudes among more senior members of staff. Adapting to workplace change, acquiring new skills, and progressing their careers are increasingly prioritised.

More than one third (37 per cent) of 55-59 year olds wanted to learn new professional skills.

One in five of the same age range had plans to take a course or professional training. Meanwhile, 14 per cent had said they were job shadowing colleagues in other teams or departments to pick up fresh knowledge.

And self-improvement is not the only motivator. Nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of the age range said that they were upskilling to progress their careers.

Aviva suggests that the culture of lifelong learning could create a generation of “grey entrepreneurs” – who swap retirement for business. One in ten of the age range said they planned to launch their own business as either a side venture or a primary source of income.

Trend illustrates change in retirement attitudes and opportunities

Changes to state pensions, and reduced opportunities for final salary pensions have led many to rethink their retirement plans.

Commenting on their findings, Aviva said: “Our working lives are changing, fast. A record number of us are working deep into our later lives. Today, there are 1.33 million people working beyond the age of 65 – more than ever before.
“Many are choosing to work longer. Many others are having to work longer to fund longer life in retirement.

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