Save 20% when you Restartup in Recruitment with eBoss | UK Recruitment News

eBoss Software offers 20% reductions for startups and those returning to recruiting.

Things are quite unpredictable at the moment, and working arrangements are changing from one month to the next. But it’s also really clear that we need as many recruiters in work as possible: to give help and guidance to the huge numbers of new candidates entering the job market.

To make life a little more stable, eBoss is cutting the cost of its software products for new and returning recruitment businesses. You can secure 20% of your fist six months when you sign up to a free eBoss account.

The savings seek to encourage recruiters to start up for themselves after lockdown and furlough schemes come to an end. But the offer is open to all enterprises that are returning to work and signing up to eBoss for the first time.

eBoss Director of Sales (UK) Rob Ward said:
“We have seen many great recruiters lose their places in larger firms this year. But the industry as a whole still needs their skills – perhaps now more urgently than ever. The Restartup rates are designed to make setting up or returning to the sector as low-risk as possible in the current climate. We’re helping to reduce costs, as well as your workload.”

What you get in the Recruitment Restartup Offer:

  • 20% reduced costs for new or returning recruiters.
  • Your choice of eBoss software: from the Core service to the Complete range of products.
  • No contract or payment in advance.
  • Pay-as-you-go from one month to the next. You can upgrade or remove services at any time.
  • Your discount lasts for six months from the moment your Restartup account is first activated.

eBoss Core gives you everything you need in terms of admin, CRM, applicant tracking and mass communications tools. You can log in to your software remotely because it’s cloud-based: making eBoss a more suitable choice for home-workers. With the Core features, it costs less than £2 a day, per user. So if you have a team, you can all stay in constant contact, working on the same system and data. And it’s less than the price of your daily drive to the office.”

“If you take the complete package, then what you’re getting is actually quite a futuristic setup. There is a lot of automation in there, and you’ll also have market-leading sales tools at your disposal. It’ll mean you’re getting up-to-the-minute vacancies sent to you before any of your competitors have them.”

“The lead generation software has been incredibly valuable to some of our startups, who base their early-doors lead capture almost entirely on our Jobfeed data. Then, after six months – and a big book of new clients – they are able to reassess their situation and see what is right for them. What’s important is there is no annual contract with eBoss – you can try every level of our service, pay for a month, and if you don’t like it, you just remove it. You’re never locked in to payments that would hang over you for twelve months in these uncertain times.”

The Restartup rates will be available to new and returning eBoss customers until at least the end of 2020. Find out more at eBoss recruitment Software Restartup Offers.