We use eBoss Jobfeed technology to collect Big Data from the UK job market in real-time. We then use that information to produce our reports on the recruitment industry. This month we take a look at times-to-filled data. Here’s what we learned…

UK Job Market Data: May 2021

The hot topic in UK recruitment this month has undoubtedly been the surprising worker shortage following lockdown.

Businesses and staffing agencies are reporting a shortage of viable candidates for roles across all sectors of the economy.

In some industries, in certain regions of the country, there are as many as twenty unfilled vacancies for every candidate.

This situation has the potential to reshape the jobs market in the British Isles. But what is the live data able to tell us?

Times-to-Hired Report

Extracting data from the eBoss Jobfeed system, we have tracked the rate of appointments in the UK Job market over the past month.

The data in the previous graph shows the extent to which jobs are remaining, unfilled, on the open market.

Note: We have only examined job listings as posted by the direct employer for this assessment. We have ignored agency listings as this may create a duplication in data and lead to inaccuracies.

Number Crunching

• 9,662 jobs have been newly listed online today (21st May, 2021). This accounts for 3 per cent (3%) of all unfilled vacancies on the Jobfeed system.

• 21,748 jobs have been first listed within the last 24 hours, excluding those counted within jobs posted today. This accounts for six per cent (6%) of all open vacancies on the system.

• 88,927 jobs have remained unfilled on the Jobfeed for seven days or less. This does not include jobs counted within the previous two categories. This accounts for 23 per cent (23%) of all unfilled vacancies on the system.

• 180,719 jobs have been on the Jobfeed for 30 days or less. This does not count those jobs which were first listed within the last seven days and which are therefore counted in one of the previous categories. 47 per cent (47%) of unfilled vacancies on the eBoss Jobfeed system were first created 30 days ago or less.

• 80,406 Jobs remain unfilled on the Jobfeed system which do not fall into one of the above categories. These are roles which have been seeking candidates for more than 30 days. This category accounts for more than one in five roles – or 21 percent (21%) – of all open positions on the Jobfeed system.

An Unexpected Shortage?

As the UK emerges from strict pandemic measures, many believed that UK recruiters would be inundated with fresh talent and new jobseekers. Months of closures have seen a rise in redundancies and hiring has slowed. It seemed like an equation that was almost certain to be balanced once Britain returned to normal.

However, there has been little reaction from jobseekers in the weeks since lockdowns and enforced business closures have come to an end. In fact, both employers and recruiters alike are reporting that staff are increasingly hard to find.

Recruitment in the UK has contended with a skills gap for much of the last decade. Are the combined barriers of Brexit and Long Covid opening up a brand new talent drought?

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