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Top 10 Ways a Good Recruitment Application Makes Finding the Right People Faster and Easier

Recruitment software have been driving the hiring process for long enough that there’s an abundance of competition out there. Like any important business decision, choosing the right recruitment application can lead to a huge benefit to your company, or it can result in hours of wasted time and money. The right recruitment solutions will be comprehensive, providing diverse options for collecting and sorting data, establishing contact with your potential hires, and ultimately finding exactly the right person to fill that open position in your company.

1. Integration with Job Board Software

One of the hidden time consuming aspects of seeking out new applicants is the posting of job announcements to multiple job boards. The best recruitment software comes with the ability to completely automate this process, you work up one set of job details, click a button, and the job is now posted or updated on all your configured job boards. Business owners often post to multiple job boards, and now instead of 3 or 4 logins and several posting styles, it’s all winnowed down to one.

2. Automating the Elimination Process

Arguably the most time consuming part of sorting through applications, resumes, and CV’s is finding which ones, out of the potential hundreds you’ve received, are the ones that should be carried on for the next step of consideration. A solid recruitment application will include exclusive protocols that will automatically eliminate individual applicants based on missing information, insufficient experience or education, or any other considerations you care to incorporate. This ensures that you’re only spending your time working with those applications that contain at least the most basic requirements, saving hours of wasted time with ease.

3. Extracting and Sorting Required Skills from your Applicants

Even the most basic recruitment systems provide you with the ability to sort through CV’s and extract core competencies from them, and then sort them into those which have the most of your desired skillsets available. By helping to identify the most qualified applicants first, you’re able to quickly whittle down the number of applications that deserve your serious consideration. All those hours you’ve spent not just identifying, but going over CV’s multiple times to find just those you want to keep is suddenly done in a fraction of the time.

4. Generating Lists of Experience

Once you’ve found those applicants who have all the basic skills you need, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could suddenly have a list of those remaining that have worked in desired fields, and automatically sort them by years of experience? This is the kind of thing that good recruitment software is perfect for, immediately eliminating the need to shuffle and sort through multiple documents trying to find the necessary information.

5. Finding the hidden gems in the bonuses

Now you’ve got it cut down to a few highly competent, experienced individuals who are going to take hours of consideration of looking back and forth to determine which has that special edge that will put them ahead of the pack. Leading recruitment systems will draw out hobbies, volunteer work, and other elements that will let you know which of your applicants have that little something extra that will set them apart from the rest. Once again hours can be shaved off by having all this information sorted in an easily readable format where you can easily compare individual applicants to each other.

6. Keep your Communication Methods Together

Once you’ve sorted out the chaff from the wheat, it’s time to get down and contact those lucky few that will get the interview, and have the opportunity of joining your company. Another aspect of a fully featured recruitment app is integration with email, voip systems such as Skype, and the ability to schedule interviews all from within the same application. This streamlines the entire process by making it unnecessary to access and coordinate several applications, it’s all done, all in one place.

7. Import multiple formats

Another way these kinds of apps can save you valuable time and money is by allowing you to import CV’s to and from multiple formats. This keeps your options for receiving applications open, including Word documents, PDF, and many more depending on your choice of application. This ensures no matter how you get your information, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time saving power of your application.

8. Export to your preferred file type

Additionally, once you’ve had all these documents come in, you can save hours of time by exporting the received CV’s to your file type to incorporate them into your database. This makes the transition to your favorite method of information management quick and easy, once again helping you save an enormous amount of time by keeping all your applicants and the relevant information in one place.

9. Website API

One of the most effective time saving elements that are available to the highest-end recruitment apps is a fully featured API. One which permits you to design a number of useful elements for your website or App. Using the API of the software ensures that you’ll be able to leverage the full scope of its features in your website at every level of your application process. From providing the CV to the final phone call, an API can give you all of that in a custom interface.

10. Collating present and past applications at a click

For a business on a steady path of growth, a backlog of qualified applicants can be invaluable, and a solid recruitment system will make sure you always have the best of the best at your fingertips, from past and present.

These are just a few of the most prevalent ways that a well-written and supported piece of recruitment software will benefit your company, and save you both man-hours and money during your application process. Take a look around before you commit to any single recruitment solution, it pays to make sure you’ve got the right solution.