2020 is no time for hindsight | eBoss Recruitment Blog

Interview with eBoss Director of Sales Robert Ward

2019 is almost over. We are rapidly approaching a new year and a new decade. In my capacity as company Director of Sales (UK) I wanted to explain why 2020 will be a year of looking forwards – not one of hindsight – for eBoss.

We are entering some exciting new partnerships with industry specialists next year. They will be lending their talents and expertise to the eBoss system. Together, we will deliver pioneering automation and machine intelligence processes. These are cutting edge features that many firms would assume lay outside their normal price brackets.

Our community of customers
We will continue to act as the central supplier of leading services to our community of customers. This lets us bring new value to the market, while retaining affordable options for all firms.

I think that is where we have carved out our niche over the years: reducing the barriers of entry for some smaller firms who maybe didn’t want to face the really high up-front costs of some software systems. All the while, our developmental cycle is helping our larger clients to scale their business at a rate that they get to dictate.

And that’s the important part. eBoss has never been about one-size-fits-all service. Every customer has an account manager, and every piece of new dev work is informed by what our customers are saying they want from the system.

What a lot of future eBoss customers don’t realise at first is that you get everything from us with just an email address.

When you go onto the website and you see the sign-up form, that unlocks our cloud system. You register your email and your database is deployed and ready to go in seconds. Being cloud-based, you can access your account anywhere, and on any device. That’s the full eBoss service: CRM, applicant tracking – even reporting and compliance tools. It’s really end-to-end and starts at Free. You don’t even need to leave your card details with us unless you are fully committed to signing up to the paid service.

eBoss is modernising. We were cloud innovators in the last decade. In the 2020s, we are looking at efficiency through automation.

That means: getting artificial intelligence to lend a helping hand to our recruitment clients in every aspect of their work. Starting next year, eBoss users will have automated functions for lead generation, talent acquisition, compliance and documentation, as well as routine admin and reporting.

Some of these will make recruiters re-think how they work in fundamental ways. Others will be more of a gentle hand on the back that will mean the daily micro-tasks are completed a few minutes quicker. Obviously, the full automation stuff is what grabs the headlines and what we are all most excited about. But I think it is the smaller details – the incremental time savings – that will stack up and be the ones that our users on the front line of the business will appreciate the most.

It’s no surprise that the UK recruitment industry is the world’s most competitive market. We are fortunate to be located here, at this time. Yes, there are some extra obstacles to face – political uncertainty and the ever-increasing pace of technological progress. But that is what has kept us innovating. eBoss is focused on delivering solutions that meet the unique challenges of the UK market. And, if it works here, then we know that it has been sufficiently stress-tested and is suitable for the wider, global recruitment market, too.

Looking Ahead
eBoss users will really start to see the transformation of the service from February 2020. That is when we have penciled in the full roll-out of our eBoss Match technology. After that, we will introduce easy list-making and additional reporting. Plus, you will soon have a central jobfeed technology – which will revolutionise lead generation. How will it work? eBoss Jobfeed scans the net and automatically delivers new job order opportunities directly to your eBoss desktop every day.

But this is just the beginning. So start looking forward to 2020, because your recruitment software is about to evolve.