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7 Ways to Attract Client Enquiries from your Website

No recruitment agency wants a brochure website that provides prospects with good information but doesn’t do its ultimate job in converting those visitors to leads. For most organisations, their website is an integral part of their marketing efforts but is your site delivering you enough client enquiries? Here’s seven ways to boost the number of enquiries your website is generating.


Have a good hard look at the traffic your site receives each month. You can’t be expecting a new lead every day if the site only gets a handful of visits per day. Your site can’t convert what it doesn’t get. Check your website’s Google Analytics and decide if you are receiving enough visitors. If not, you’ll need to increase the number of visitors either organically through SEO or paid through Adwords or advertising on industry sites. Once you are happy with the volume, you can start to make improvements to the site to increase conversion rates.

Know your Goals

If you set a goal for the number of enquiries you’d like to receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you’ll have something to work towards. Testing and analysis are much harder to do if you don’t know what it is the agency wants to achieve. You’ll need to make a decision on what you classify as an enquiry or conversion. For some agencies, they consider a sign up to their enewsletter a conversion while another agency will only look at the number of prospect enquiries they received via the online form.

As the number of enquiries increase remember to track the number and quality of the leads to make sure your efforts are having an impact.

Tell your Visitor What You Want Them to Do

If you want your website visitor to complete an enquiry form after reading your services page, then ask them for the enquiry! Make sure you have a compelling call to action on almost every page of your website then make if easy for them to act. Don’t expect them to hunt around the site or head to the contact us button to find your form, include a lightbox on the side of every page, a short form at the end of the page or at the very least a link to your email address.

If you’d like to increase the number of newsletter recipients then include a prominent sign-up box that is impossible to miss (like in the middle of every blog posts like we do).

Know Who your Ideal Enquirer Is

Writing copy for your site takes a little skill. Sure you may know who your ideal customer is but writing a buyer or customer persona first will improve your end result. Having a customer persona in mind means you are writing for one person, providing a solution to their problem rather than general information that speaks to no one. When you write your fictitious customer persona include details about their demographics, behaviour patterns, goals and ideal outcome from using your service. Use some power words in your copy to appeal to their desires.


Make it easy for your visitors to make the decision to enquire. Compelling testimonials on the site will reassure visitors that your agency has plenty of happy clients who have found the solution with your agency. It’s peace of mind and proof that they are making the right decision to take the first step in doing business with you.

Offer Something for Free

Make an offer that is too compelling for them to not sign up or enquire. You don’t need to spend weeks writing a book to give away. A good infographic, a checklist or tip sheet can be just as successful in increasing enquiries. Often a shorter, easy to digest lead magnet will mean they read it straight away rather than put it aside for another time and forgetting about it.

Test Test Test

There’s no point rolling out changes across your website if you aren’t sure if they will be successful in converting your traffic. Landing page programs allow you to do quick and reasonably priced A/B testing to help answer your questions about what will work best. What is the most enticing offer/freebie? What type of language, colours, fonts work best? Should we use a video or graphic on the home page? Does a form or lightbox attract more enquiries? Once you know the results of your landing page, you can replicate the changes on your main site.

If you don’t know what visitors do when they land on your site, you may need to do some research either in-house or by employing experts in web development. By setting tasks for new visitors and watching how they go about finding information on your site, you can learn how they move around the site including the number of clicks they make. Finding out what parts and pages are the most popular with heat mapping will show you where your visitors’ eyes move around the site.

If you think your site is attracting the traffic, the bounce rate isn’t high yet you aren’t converting enough enquiries you may need help with analysing your sales funnel. You may identify roadblocks on your site, reduce churn and increase conversions resulting in higher revenue.

Making some changes to your site can drastically improve its effectiveness. With some research, testing and analysis you can soon turn your website into a lead generation machine working for your agency day and night.