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Populate your Database with Targeted Leads on a Tight Budget

You don’t need to own an online business to believe the popular marketing phrase ‘The Money is in the List’. Having a database of leads that you can communicate with on a regular basis is a great way to grow your business. And there is nothing cheaper than sending bulk emails and newsletters. Once you have your tribe of followers you can go back to them regularly with offers, deals or to keeping your agency top of mind by regularly popping up in their inbox.

That’s all fine if you have a sizable list but what if you are just starting out and only have a handful of contacts or you’ve been in business for a while but you’ve been busy with everything else that you haven’t had time to work on your list.

Growing your list can cost a small fortune. Pay per click via Google Adwords or social media channels can add up quickly but there are things you can do to increase the number of targeted leads for just £85 pounds or less per month.

Alliances and Partnerships

Think about your alliance partners and ask yourself if they have a database of customers that may be your ideal customers. For example, there may be an industry body or union in a field that your agency specialises that may allow you to promote your offer to their customers/members. You’ll need to ensure you’re offering something of value that your partner will want to promote to their database as a value-add.

You could offer to run a workshop on how to update your resume or put together an event with expert speakers from the industry. To register for the free workshop or event, direct attendees to your website and ensure you gain their permission to be kept informed of other offers via email.

Lead Magnets

Give something away. People will happily provide their email address if they believe they are getting something of value in return such as an ebook or physical book. Find a broad topic to write or talk on that will appeal to as many of your ideal customers as possible. You can do the design in-house or pay a designer to make some minimal design changes to a word processed document to improve the professionalism of the piece.

Webinar or Periscope
Hosting a virtual event is cheaper than an in-person one. While recruitment is a people industry and we like to meet people face to face, events in person can be costly and awkward if you don’t get enough people to fill the room. A virtual event is less costly and risky. Advertise your event on your social media channels and other sites such as related Facebook groups. Ask attendees to register and make it easy for them to share amongst their friends and colleagues. By registering for the event they automatically join your database.

Periscopes are becoming popular and people are keen to try them out. With enough subscribers you can run regular webinars or periscopes to keep potential customers informed of your offerings. Make sure you record it and use the material on your own sites.

Guest Articles and Blogs

Target blogs and publications with large distributions and ask if you can supply them with material that is suitable to their readers which should be the same as your target audience. Publication editors and web owners are always looking for new material that will appeal to their readers and keep things fresh. Make sure you become familiar with their style and any editorial guidelines before you approach them. At the end of your article include your web address for finding out more about your agency. The only cost is your time.

Ask your Current Contacts to Bring in Their Friends

Your current database contacts probably know others just like them. If you have a good relationship ask them to forward your newsletter, ebook or special offer to their friends asking them to sign up to receive more of your goodies in the future. You could also provide an incentive as a prize. Every contact they sign up gives them a ticket in the draw to win a prize.

Marketing and building your database can be a costly and time consuming. Spend both wisely and your list could pay you handsome dividends in the future. Good luck building your tribe.


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