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If You Only Read One Article About Recruitment Agencies, It Should Be This One

There’s one process that constantly haunts the growing business, and that’s the process of finding effective and time-saving recruitment systems. Every time a position empties or a new one gets created, there’s an expected drop in productivity and an associated overhead to finding the right person to fill that position, and it doesn’t stop with hiring. Once you’ve got someone on board, you have to spend time and effort training them, and if you’ve hired the wrong person, it’s back to the drawing board all over again.

What about Recruitment Agencies?
Recruitment agencies can be an incredibly effective tool for a burgeoning business, if you choose the right one. One of the great benefits that comes from using an agency as one of your recruitment solutions is how much time and money you can save by employing one. Recruitment agencies can be a great source of applicants, as they often keep a rather comprehensive database of them on hand, and will do the footwork to connect you to one best suited for the position you have open.

Using their own recruitment software specially designed for this purpose, a recruitment agency will perform numerous tests and examinations, and will take care of all the initial elements that take up valuable time and resources. The initial interview process, testing for the necessary skills, and all of the necessary background and reference checks to ensure they are proper for the type of tasks for which they have applied. All of this is money and manpower you don’t have to allocate to finding the perfect fit for your companies hiring needs.

How else do I benefit?

Another important benefit of using a recruitment company is how it will downplay the overhead associated with turnover. Bad employees cut deeply into a managers availability to keep the rest of his team on target, devouring nearly a full day of their time in any given week. When you take this and add to it the cost of training a replacement, the amount of time lost becomes quite costly. When you use a hiring solution like a hiring agency to hire new employees, you have the benefit of them being vetted by a company whose sole goal is getting the right fit for your company.

Hiring agencies understand that the staff they can provide is the commodity their business runs on, and find themselves in the unique position of being able, through training programs and recruitment software, to enhance the value of the individual units of commodity. Even better, the potential staffers are deeply invested in increasing their own value by engaging in these training programs. This improves the likelihood that the staff member you get will be competent, well trained, and knowledgeable in the areas your business demands.

One of the most important aspects is the ability of both the employer, and the new hire to determine if the company is right for them before a large amount of time has been invested on either side. Nothing is more aggravating, for both employer and employee, than to go through a long period of training and acclimation just to find out that it really isn’t a good fit for either side.

Putting all this together means a massive reduction in the amount of time and money invested in a new hire, from eliminating pre-employment evaluations to cutting down on the tasks involved with hiring that can put a serious dent in your budget.

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The Salve for the Overtime Blues

Every business has times where they’re busier than usual, from holiday seasons to certain times of year when there’s a greater demand for certain services. Typically, this results in the company having to pay out significant amounts of overtime to their existing employees, a situation which has ramifications above and beyond the amount of wages paid out per employee. Research has shown that every hour of overtime has unseen costs that trickle down over successive work shifts.

With each additional hour an employee works, there is a successive reduction in overall work performance, with only 50 hours of a 65 hour week actually matching previous performance goals. Add in the increased risk of occupational injury, increased absenteeism, health issues, and a dramatically increased turnover rate and there’s little to no benefit to the employer.

Hiring agencies provide the perfect solution for this, providing you with fresh staff eager to make a solid impression, and not being drained from trying to keep up with an increased demand on their energy and time. These staff members are typically enthusiastic to be starting employment, and will give their level best efforts in an attempt to land a position with your company.

Can I use more than one?

It is not at all unusual for a company to utilise multiple hiring agencies, giving them an even broader pool of potential staffers. It’s possible that with some companies you may get a better rate if you sign an exclusivity agreement, but these are rarely if ever compulsory. It is well understood that the staffing agency is there to serve the business, not the other way around, so having multiple options open is a common practice, and helps to keep the hiring agencies competitive.

Hiring agencies often utilise a powerful and comprehensive recruitment application that makes it quick and easy to get the necessary information from their applicants. Getting a large body of recruits with a diverse set of skills is the heart of their business, and that means you’re optimising your hiring process by contracting a team of specialists. The costs involved are often competitive and overall cheaper than using your own staff to conduct the hiring process, resulting in a massive saving of time and money for your company. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using the services of a hiring agency, so start looking into one today.

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