Web Tools and Recruitment Apps Designed to Save Your Time – and Sanity

If you’re running your own business or you’re part of a small team that is you’ve no doubt thought there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the tasks done that need to get done that day.

Fortunately there are a stack of tools and apps that are designed to improve our productivity. We all have our favourite online tools and apps that we visit regularly but sometimes it’s worth checking a few new ones to add to your arsenal of productivity improving tools. The best things in life are free (or at least low cost) and these web tools are no exception.

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Productivity Tools

Evernote – one space for saving all your ideas, notes, tasks and web pages you want to revisit. Syncs across your phone and computer. 

Feedly – keep up to date with all your favourite blogs in the one place so there’s no need to visit blogs one by one to read their latest post.   

Slack – brings all your communication in the one place with real time messaging and archiving as well as the ability to share files and connect all your apps to Slack.

Microsoft Outlook App – unifies your email, calendars, cloud storage and contacts so you can stay productive while you’re on the go.

Boomerang – if you’re a Gmail user you can schedule emails to send at a later time when they are more likely to be read and set reminders for following up an email. 

Toggl – keep track of the hours you spend on each project or client and produce a summary report at the end of each week or month.

Wunderlist – an app that helps you organise work and personal to-dos and turn emails into lists.

Pomodoro – a time management technique that breaks down work into intervals separated by short breaks.

Audible – make use of the time you spend doing other things like driving or working around the home and listen to an audio book. 

IFTTT – If This Then That creates connections and conditional statements based on changes to other web services. 

Social Media Tools

If you have posted, monitored or just kept up to date on social media sites, you’ll know how time consuming they are. For people responsible for posting regularly to one or more of their businesses channels, a time saving tool is invaluable.

HootSuite – Read and manage a number of networks and profiles on the one screen.

Facebook Scheduler – Write multiple posts and load them with the date and time you want them to appear.

Canva – produce professional looking graphics for the web or print without the need to learn a design program.

Shortstack – Build engaging social media contests and marketing campaigns and generate traffic on a range of social media channels.

Pagemodo – for editing Facebook cover photos, making custom tabs, designing and scheduling your social media posts.

Bit.ly – shorten your URL’s for social media and tracking

Mailchimp – email newsletter service that manages subscribers and tracks the results of your enewsletters.

PicMonkey – allows you to edit photos and add text without the need to learn a graphics program.

Google Products

There are so many great Google products available that help you make decisions, share and collaborate information. 

Google Docs – share working documents between colleagues and eliminate the need for version control.

Google Sheets – create, edit and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are.

Google Sites – house your manuals, standard operating procedures, documents or your intranet with varying levels of access.   

Google Analytics – lets you check your website stats, advertising performance, social media and apps to help make marketing and business decisions.

Google Trend – uses real time search data to help gauge customer search behaviour of your and your competitors’ brands.

Google Drive – use Drive to plan events, assign tasks, update progress and collaborate with team members everywhere. 

Let us know if there are any online tools that you can’t do without that aren’t on this list.