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The Restartup offer includes the full eBoss Core service package: everything you need to operate in modern recruitment.

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• Compliance and reporting tools
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Speed up your times-to-hired with machine intelligence that assists you with core recruitment tasks.

What is it?

Semantic search brings essential AI to your database and just makes searching better.

Want an example? Well, you know when you Google “Empire State Building height”, and the results page tells you “381m”, instead of giving you a link to a page about the building? That is semantic search. Now imagine that functionality integrated into your candidate database. You have two jobs: one for a pet shop; another for a software developer. Both jobs require “Python experts”. Semantic understands the difference between these two very different areas of expertise. Semantic understands the question you are really asking – and gives you the answers you really want.

How it helps:

With machine intelligence built into your system, you are able to reduce the time spent on actions that you may repeat tens, hundreds – even thousands of times each day. Reduce your workload and cut your times-to-hired with AI assistance that prioritises the information you receive in every search.

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Modernise your placements with this time-saving and anti-bias skills matching automation.

What is it?

Match is a sophisticated automation that builds longlists for every job.

How does it work? You simply open any open job order and – with a single click – you hit the “Match” button. Then, eBoss Match automatically produces a complete list of every qualifying candidate from your database.

Match is powered by semantic – so every Match is certain to be an ideal candidate. Want more information than that? Then the results are weighted on screen to reduce manual shortlisting even further. Best-fit candidates appear at the top of your list, with less qualified candidates listed below.

How it helps:

Match helps you to remove unconscious bias from your placements. Your longlist is formed automatically and based solely on information which candidates have supplied about themselves in their CV. This means that every name that makes the subsequent shortlist is assessed equally, and guaranteed to have earned their place.

Automated longlisting is an incremental time saving. Spend seconds on a database search rather than hours or days. Over the span of a year, the saving adds up.

Match is an add-on feature for eBoss semantic search. You will need to have semantic activated on your account to take advantage of Match’s advanced features.


Looking for early doors business development? Jobfeed ties a rocket to your growth strategies from day one.

What is it?

A data-rich sales environment, Jobfeed extracts real-time Big Data from across the web and delivers it to your desktop.
Find, search, and use live job market data all on one screen, thanks to our easy-to-navigate GUI.
Grow your business by automatically discovering a world of new sales leads and clients every single day.

How it helps:

Jobfeed removes the legwork from sales. Reduce your reliance on cold-calling, speculative outreach, or re-selling to an existing customer base. Receive new leads, nurture new clients, and retain them with your faster response times.

Bring a whole new level of strategy and decision making to your sales funnel: see Jobfeed features.


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