Here is a great example of a Jobfeed recruitment automation saving you real time on your placements.

Nearly half of all recruiters say that speed is their number one priority. Getting good results, quickly, is an inseparable part of remaining competitive.

Jobfeed will change the way you approach recruiting, because it allows you to operate faster than ever, while improving your accuracy and your customer care.

Below, we have created a workflow to demonstrate how Jobfeed works.

In this example, you are a recruiter who uses Jobfeed on a daily basis, to hit your business development KPIs. Jobfeed helps you to win new clients faster.

But your powerful lead generation tool can also assist you in lightening your workload, and boosting your candidate experience, too. Here’s how:

Smarter Targeting

For this example, let’s say that you specialise in high level logistics, and supply chain placements. You perform daily searches on Jobfeed for “logistics” jobs. On an average day, this nets you 18,000 leads to work through.

Of course, not all of these applicable. You specialise in high level placements. You have found that simply by inputting the additional search query “planning”, you can fine-tune the relevance of your search. From 18,000 open vacancies, you now have a little under 4,0000. And you know that each one is entirely relevant to the candidates on your database.

However, you are hitting a problem. In the last few weeks, a particularly large employer has begun listing entry-level warehousing and driver roles within the logistics search term. Your previous saved search is being flooded with roles that are not suitable for your candidates. What do you do?

With Jobfeed, it is easy. You create an exclude rule that automatically removes all jobs listed by said employer from your search results. No more time spent picking through the irrelevant roles!

And you save time because you only input these values once. Jobfeed does the rest. But it is a valuable lesson in how human knowledge and expertise is an irreplaceable part of the recruitment process. Some things – like professional experience and intuition – will never be replaced by automations.

Assisting the Candidate Experience

Next, let’s say you’ve also forged a strong relationship with a great candidate who is eager to move out of London. Although you suspect that the right position could keep your candidate in the capital, you also want to show that you have listened to their personal lifestyle and career goals.

Your initial list of opportunities omits “London” to best fit with your candidate’s vision of their future.

How does this help? Our original number of live job orders in logistics on Jobfeed started out at 18,750. But, with smart filtering, we have brought that number down to below 3,000.

You’ve saved time, and ensured that every placement which is not a good match is automatically sorted out of your remaining workload.

Reduce time, stress, and costs with this smart automation.


But we can go even further: helping you to bring real-world strategy into your Big Data.

This snapshot of the Jobfeed database was taken at 11:49am on 19/08/2020. It uses the same search criteria as the example above. But it segments the leads further: sorting them by time.

So you can see which of those ideal jobs were first posted this morning. Maybe you will steal an early lead on your rivals by sending across a winning candidate early doors.

Or maybe the opposite is true. Your years of experience have told you that the most grateful employers are those who have run up significant costs on a drawn-out recruitment campaign.

Perhaps if you scroll through your results to an opening posted more than a month ago, you will secure a placement and gain a very satisfied repeat client?

These are matters which a clever recruiter will want to assess on a job-by-job basis. They are based on gut instinct and experience as much as on hard data. However, with Jobfeed, all of that data is automatically sorted and presented to you, in one place.

Your time and focus is therefore saved for what counts most: strategising and decision-making. Just the way it should be.

Big Data & Automation: A New Normal in recruitment

The Jobfeed system works around the clock, harvesting online data and bringing it to your desktop. As you can see, the job orders quickly add up over time.

But, by adding the unique filter rules as above, we have drastically reduced the workload required of recruitment consultants.

The Jobfeed system makes Big Data easier to navigate and work through. It enables recruitment firms of all sizes to compete on a level playing field.

Discover new sales leads. Develop your business. Accelerate your placement times. And deliver a winning customer experience – all on the same screen.