Smart Recruitment Software – It’s all a matter of Semantics !

Semantic Search – a key advantage of eBoss Recruitment Software



We know that efficient matching of candidates to vacancies is at the core of every successful recruitment agency. You have a pile of candidate CV’s you need to match to a client’s vacancy and the faster you can identify and propose appropriate candidates, the happier the client will be and the sooner you get paid.

Up until now the traditional recruitment software Boolean search allows you type in specific terms or phrases contained within candidate CV records to identify suitable matches for the job being filled.

Searches such as “sales manager” or “sales director” would yield results for only those candidates with that ‘exact’ search term

With so many job title variations it is entirely possible you could miss identifying the perfect candidate because of a variation in title or even a simple spelling mistake


Think : “Director of Sales” vs “Sales Director”


Or the more extreme “Sales Evangelist”


It’s all a matter of semantics !


So thinking about this problem long and hard, we set our very clever developers the task of coming up with a solution to make finding the many variations as easy as possible.

We want you to be able to identify more candidates faster from a wider pool of search terms, some of which you may not have thought of. Just because John Smith chose to list himself as a “Director of International Sales” doesn’t mean he isn’t right for the “Sales Director” position you are currently trying to fill.

Well we are happy to say that our extremely talented team have risen to the challenge and have delivered the solution.

Introducing eBoss Recruitment Software Semantic Search


Semantic Search takes your initial search term and using a complex algorithm it scours your candidate CV database for semantically related synonyms and produces a list of related terms that may be concealing the perfect candidate.


For instance, doing a search for “Sales Manager” as a current position or job title will return as you would expect everyone that matches that description. But now you have expanded search terms available to select from :


  • Director sales
  • Team leader sales
  • Sales administrator
  • Sales executive
  • Sales team manager
  • Sales project manager
  • Sales operations manager
  • Head of retail
  • National sales manager
  • Manager Sales


So now you have a lot more options that you can optionally include within the current candidate search.


Maybe “Head of Retail” isn’t appropriate for the particular job you are filling. That’s no problem, you can simply deselect that option to remove any “Head of retail” candidates from the search results.


Put simply, Semantic Search tries to understand the meaning and context behind your initial search as you develop your shortlist of candidates.

Couple this with the already powerful filtering and profiling tools within the eBoss recruitment software suite and you can get your job done in the shortest amount of time with maximum effect.

So what does that mean for you ?

Having the ability to search tons of data quickly, whether that’s from your candidate database or from social networks gives you a distinct advantage of crafting super targeted shortlists of only the best candidates to present to your clients. Speeding up this process with ultra smart search methodology means you can present more potentially successful candidates to more clients and earn more commission, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

eBoss semantic search gathers,filters and presents all the data you need to make a judgement call on whether a candidate is suitable and should be presented to a client. All the relevant data is gathered together on one easily manageable screen and with the ability to view direct comparisons of the candidates side by side.

Now you have the power to quickly and easily put together laser targeted short lists of candidates likely to be selected for the position. This means your client is happy, the placed candidate is happy and of course you get paid. It’s a Win-Win-Win scenario.

Not all recruitment agency software was created equal !

Thanks for reading this article. If you have got this far, then you are obviously serious about your business. Maybe you are looking for a recruitment database solution, or looking to get the edge over your competitors – either way we can help.

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