How To Attract Top Candidates

Attracting the best candidates to your agency is a crucial factor when recruiting for well established clients. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that the applicants that you are able to provide as a recruiter are the best in the field. Whether you are recruiting for a small or large business, our tips will help you know the tricks needed to bring the most talented individuals to your agency.


Why Would They Want To Work For Your Client ?

Regardless of the level and pay grade that you are recruiting for there should always be incentives in place for all types of workers. For example, when scanning your applicant tracking system for entry level positions, it is a good idea to ensure that you cater to the needs of this kind of candidate. Most candidates applying for entry level roles are seeking the possibility of career progression. Therefore you should focus on the opportunities available for progression and growth within the role.

When recruiting for middle management level positions, you should be able to convey the stability of the company to the candidates. Those applying for this type of role will expect job security in exchange for their commitment to the company.

The same principle applies when recruiting those from executive backgrounds. However, those coming from previous executive roles may well be looking for equity in the company in exchange for the risks associated with this type of position.

Whether it is entry level, middle management, or executive employees that your client requires, there are certain considerations that you should apply to all types of candidate. Every candidate should be made aware of the impact that their specific role has on the business or company, job satisfaction is important. If a candidate believes that they will not make a difference to the company, it can be very hard for them to feel entirely satisfied in their commitment to the employer. Focus on each candidate as an individual and where their specific skills will stand in regards to the success of the business. Each candidate deserves to feel valuable and useful and this approach should be used at all levels of employment to ensure success and lower levels of staff turnover.


Pay Is An Important Issue

Although budgets are a huge part of recruitment, there are some important points that should be considered. It can often be more beneficial for a client to offer a generous salary when it comes to ensuring candidates will stay in the company for a longer period of time. Each time an individual resigns to take up employment in a different company with better pay, several costs are incurred. Clients offering a better rate of pay from the start will help candidates feel more financially secure in their employment with you and continue to work for the client for a longer period. It is important to convey this information clearly when recruiting and also offer generous bonuses and pay rises at regular intervals where possible.


But We Can’t Afford To Do That!

Many companies and businesses are concerned about the percentage of the budget that is spent on employees. This in turn means lower pay for employees which results in the loss of employees . A good way around this is to focus on quality and not quantity, by focusing on the quality of employees and not the number of them, a competitive salary can be offered. It is much more beneficial to a company to have a small but highly skilled workforce that are satisfied with their rate of pay, prospects, and benefits, than a mediocre underpaid large workforce with a high rate of resignation due to a lack of job satisfaction.


Company Image Is Key

Getting the top candidates to come to you can be tough, but there are a lot of factors that can make this a lot easier. The company image is paramount when attempting to attract the best candidates, therefore, your employment brand should be a key focus. When we refer to the employment brand, we mean the perception of the company among potential candidates, the company has to offer something that others don’t. It needs to be a place where people are dying to work, take Google or Apple for example, their employment brand is incredibly strong and as a result, they have the most talented employees competing to work for them. When you think about the benefits that these companies have to offer, then you can see why this is the case. Although these are global empires, the same principle can be applied to smaller businesses.


How To Create The Employment Brand

It’s actually a lot more simple than it may appear, clients just need to create a workplace that potential candidates would love to work in. Create an environment that candidates will proud to be a part of and your clients will have the best employees lining up to work for you. Management is a key consideration when creating an environment that workers will be happy in, without successful but approachable and friendly management, your client’s employment retention will start to drop very quickly.

Another important aspect of creating a valuable employment brand is the level of respect employees feel from their superiors. In business it is easy to get caught up in the stress of statistics, targets and budgets, but it is crucial to remember that each employee plays an important role and should never be considered just another number. If employees feel this way, their performance will suffer significantly. Most people want to stick with the same employer for a number of years, it is generally the way that they are treated, and a combination of other factors such as pay and benefits that determine whether they do. It is therefore a good idea to praise employees regularly and reward them for their achievements, realise that although everyone may be on different pay grades, they are all equal and crucial to the success of the company. If your cleints commit to making the workplace a better place for employees, they will be rewarded with their service, possibly for their entire career.


Honestly Is The Best Policy

When you are looking for the best candidates on the market, it really helps to be honest about what the job you are recruiting for entails. If there are aspects of the position that some people may be uncomfortable with, then highlight these from the start. This is vital as it can save you a lot of hassle in the long term, if candidates feel misled and think ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’, their performance may suffer and they may even leave the company because of it. Being totally honest will mean that the candidates that believe they will not be capable of performing well in the role will be put off. This is beneficial to the employer as it ensures that only those who are best suited and able to adapt to role will apply. In short, you don’t waste their time and they don’t waste yours.


What Makes Your Client Different From The Rest?

It’s essential that the positive points of working for your client are put forward as well as the negatives. Never lure candidates into a false sense of security and instead put things in place that do actually make the role stand out from the rest. Things like being able to work from home, flexible hours, and perks such as free memberships to health clubs or other facilities are all attractive benefits that could set your client apart from the competitors. Think about positive points that can make the company a more attractive place for all types of employees. Consider the needs of individuals working on different pay grades and adjust this accordingly. It may be a good idea to ask for feedback from existing employees in regards to incentives that they would like to see, or how to improve the positive incentives that you already offer.


Progression, Study, & Leave

Career progression is important to many potential employees. It is something that could be the deciding factor between someone working for your client or working for a different company offering better opportunities. Many companies will say that they offer great opportunities for progression but when it comes to it, they can’t deliver. This is something that is really going to put off potential employees if your client establishes a reputation for this. It will also have an effect on the number of employees leaving after they realise that there is no progression opportunities on offer for them. Always be honest and try to offer timescales in terms of career progression, candidates will thank you for this.

Many individuals are keen to learn new skills and further their knowledge in order to to help them progress during their career. For this reason, your client may wish to look into offering qualifications or help with qualification costs to enable employees to do this. This will help with attracting the best candidates from the start and keep them working for them in the long term. Be aware, if a worker invests their spare time into gaining a qualification to further their career, they will probably see results from this fairly quickly. Always bear this in mind to avoid candidates jumping ship and using their qualification that your client has funded elsewhere.

Leave is one of the primary factors that many candidates will look at when choosing an employer. Many candidates like to see companies going the extra mile in terms of leave and offering above the legal minimum requirements. Annual leave is incredibly valued as for most, it is time to enjoy with their families. Take this away from them, or give them very little leave, then they will not thank your client for this. Employees need a good amount of annual leave to be able to perform well at work, especially those working in a tedious or stressful environment. When offering leave, always look around at what similar companies are offering and match it, or offer better if possible. A candidate is far more likely to choose your client as an employer if they believe that they respect the need for them to recuperate regularly throughout the year.

Pensions, Loyalty And Bonuses

Another primary influencer in attracting the top candidates is the pension packages available to them. For those looking to stay in a company for the long haul, knowing how they will fund their retirement is pressing concern. Taking the stress out of this and offering a competitive and secure pension scheme will give your client a great advantage. You should always have pension information readily available for candidates who are considering your client as an employer. Always highlight the steps that your client will take to ensure that pensions are secure and that employees will receive exactly what they signed up for.

Rewarding candidates for their loyalty is a good way of keeping the same employees within the company for as long as possible. This could be in the form of an automatic pay increase after a certain number of years service, or through lump sums. This type of incentive is one of the best ways of reducing employee turnover.

You should always focus on the bonuses that will be available to potential candidates, this could be in the form of cash, vouchers, or other rewards. Top quality employees expect to be rewarded for their work, so it’s a good idea to offer Christmas bonuses and bonuses based on the companies performance. This is also beneficial in reassuring employees that their work is making a difference, especially with bonuses based on company profits.


Make Your Client Easily Accessible

The internet is a valuable asset in finding the best talent for your client vacancies, therefore a strong online presence is recommended. Keeping active on social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and, LinkedIn will help bring the best candidates to you. You should also keep the application process as simple as possible, do not bog candidates down with a series of pointless questions as part of their initial application. If you would like to ask further questions to establish the personalities of candidates, do this at interview. This will eliminate potentially brilliant employees from tossing their application aside due to it being overcomplicated. Asking further questions at interview is recommended to keep the initial application process as simple as possible. Using an online application form is much more attractive to candidates than having to complete and post a form to you. Always keep this in mind when designing any recruitment forms.


By following the above tips, you will be able to attract the best candidates to your vacancies.

Keeping moral and spirits high is the key to a successful business. If your clients always reward employees for their work, they will be rewarded with a happy and reputable workforce.

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