CV parser deep dive

KISS Principle in action: the CV Parser | eBoss Recruitment Software

We take a deep dive into the eBoss CV parser. This quiet workhorse is one of your greatest time-saving tools – and you won’t even notice it.

In this deep dive, we will take a look into the eBoss CV parser. This powerful admin tool is part of your Core service, and yet it does the work of multiple team members. Most of the time, it is doing that work automatically, with little oversight or manual input required. Adhering to the KISS principle (“Keep it simple, stupid”), we look at how the simple CV parser has improved the hiring for millions – on both sides of the jobs market.

What is it?

The eBoss automated CV parser is a quiet workhorse for your recruitment system. This background feature does a lot of heavy lifting, but it rarely gets the spotlight. In many ways, that is it’s key strength. You can utilise the flexibility of the in-built CV parser to improve your candidate journey.

A CV parser is a smart bit of coding which tells your database how to interpret a resumé when it is added to the system. When a new CV arrives on your eBoss database by any means, it is the CV parser which sorts the included information. So: name goes into the name field, qualifications and relevant skills are identified and stored.

What does it do?

The really clever part is that the CV parser jumps into life any time a new document is added to the database.

So if a new candidate steps into your high street office with their CV on a USB stick, you can drag and drop it and it generates a brand new, perfectly-formatted candidate profile on your system.

But more than that, the CV parser is there to interpret your online forms. This opens up a world of possibilities and efficiency improvements for modern recruiting.

It enables you to construct a 24/7 recruitment portal. You can build a website that lists all of your available vacancies. You can make your adverts easier to find in Google Jobs searches. Maybe you are readying a social media drive?

Whatever your chosen route to building a better talent pipeline, your candidate funnel will almost always begin with a form.

And here is where the great recruiters distinguish themselves from the rest.

As much as 60% of all candidates give up on the application process, according to some studies. The main reason? Overly complicated forms, long or slow application processes, or confusing instructions.

The CV Parser picks up the slack in each of these use cases. It lets you create the most elegant, simplistic, and user-friendly application forms possible. It even lets you build a different form for each of your respective networks, talent pools and social channels. You can tailor the front-end experience to match your audience expectations, and the back-end will always work the same way: effortlessly sifting the useful information and storing it under the correct headings on your database.

Who benefits most from the automated CV parser?

It would be tempting to say that forward-looking, web-integrated recruiters benefit the most from quiet tech like the CV parser. But that’s not really the case.

Certainly, the speed and operating costs beat manual document-filing and data input. Those admin costs are absorbed into the monthly costs of your system for no extra fee.

But the greatest benefits are in the user experience, and here’s why.

The way we work is changing. We are all working less regular hours. Many of us are balancing multiple income sources or care work or study. Fitting a job search into our increasingly active lifestyles may mean compromising on the time, place, and means of those job searches.

But this is a reality that the recruiting sector has been slow to catch up with. Just three per cent (3%) of applications made after 19:00 resulted in a callback.

This is, frankly, appalling. And it is on recruiters to do better in this respect. The regular nine-to-five is fast becoming a thing of a past era. Consequently, individuals are less likely to be focusing their jobseeking efforts to fit within office hours, too. Does this make them any less suitable as candidates? If not, then as an industry, recruiters must face the fact that we are all losing out on genuine talent if we stick to the “tried and tested” methods of working.

Automating the way CVs are uploaded and entered on your database may seem like a tiny, drop-in-the-ocean change to make. In fact – it is. But it has a butterfly effect of beneficial improvements to every part of your enterprise. And it is the candidate who benefits most.

In any area of business, the big wins tend to steal the headlines. But it’s a strong foundation that gives you the long-term stability. You have probably never given much thought to what happens each time you drop a new resumé onto the system. Hopefully, this article has given a glimpse of the magic that is going on behind the scenes – 24 hours a day.