Social Media Search

Extend your eBoss database search with Social Media Channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing and Monster.

eBoss Social Media Search provides an additional and permanent source of data: one which extends your own candidate database capabilities. Search the whole world, and manage your results with the eBoss Applicant Tracking System.

Using the eBoss Social Media Search adds value to your searches. It enables you to make instant, qualitative assessments of every candidate available to you.

The search capabilities of the eBoss Applicant Tracking System puts you in good standing with your clients. Build a reputation as the agency that delivers great candidates, quickly, and every time. Increase the value of your offerings and, in turn, your business revenues.

The eBoss Social Media Search is more than a means of locating top talent. It lets you open an additional, permanent pipeline of valued candidates for your database, while assessing individual skills and capabilities.

Add eBoss social media search to boost the versitility of your candidate acquisition processes. This new source of potential recruits represents a significant advantage for your clients when they decide between using your Recruitment Agency, or a competitor’s.

Under the Hood

The eBoss Social Media Search is integrated into the semantic search tools inside your eBoss database.

Starting with a search inside your own database, eBoss will display the potential results on the eBoss tab. When you want to expand this search to your social media channels, simply click on the relevant tab. For example, clicking the LinkedIn tab will display the linkedIn results for that search, the same for Facebook, Monster (with subscription) and Xing. Results are handled differently for the social media channels so you can import a shortlist from each channel and refine it in later searches.

Imagine being able to search not only your own database, but global CV databases, social media and talent pools. Our user friendly interfaces greatly increase your chances of finding the best candidates for the position you want to fill and because you can search a variety of platforms in one search this has the benefit of reducing your time and increasing your fees.

Searching the world with eBoss inside eBoss.