See why more recruiters are trusting the eBoss Applicant Tracking System for faster, more effective placements.



The applicant tracking system (ATS) is, for many of our clients,  the one feature of the eBoss recruitment software system that begins paying for itself almost immediately. Our applicant tracking software allows you to follow the progress of any candidate, in real-time. All of the relevant data is presented to you on a single screen. No risk of missing an important skill or reminder by clicking through old documents.

Work collaboratively. The candidate track is system-wide for every applicant. What you see on your screen will match exactly what your colleagues see on their screen. When the applicant tracking system updates, it does so in real-time, so you are always working on the latest information.

Complete bulk actions to reduce your own workloads, and speed up all of your placements. Customise the way the software tracks your candidates to suit the way you want to work. The eBoss applicant tracking system is the best way to make sense of your candidate data and keep each applicant moving forward on their journey to success.

In short, the overall benefits include:

  • reduce the cost of every hire
  • make accurate decisions based on facts and not just intuition
  • spend less time on administrative tasks thanks to eBoss automations
  • Create the perfect candidate experience, with prompt and effective communications
  • enhancement your reputation



It’s great to showcase the bells and whistles. But applicant tracking software doesn’t exist in this conceptual marketing bubble: and neither does your business.

Every element of our features-rich applicant tracking software has a real-world application that makes your work easier, faster, and more accurate.

The eBoss ATS gives you all of the data about your candidate – and their application progress – on a single screen. There’s no more getting lost in the data with eBoss. Our clean user interface (UI) sets out all of the important information: from candidate personal data, to progress reports.

The ATS lets you execute bulk actions, like mailing and communication from the same place. But it also enables internal notes which update in real-time. No crossed wires between your team or duplicated workloads. Why? Because everybody is literally working from the same page.

The applicant tracking software is simple. It removes the potential for mistakes and lets you raise the floor on the standard of your candidate experience. But it also helps you to raise the ceiling on that experience, too. Better communications with clients, and a full knowledge of their progress and experiences to date, let you nurture your applicants as the individuals they want to be recognised as.

Experience growth like never before. The eBoss applicant tracking system is fully customisable. You can reconfigure each applicant journey to match your own candidate experience objectives.

This gives you the freedom to work to your own tried-and-true formulas – and not the workflows that your software wants you to follow. A good recruiter knows to mix hard fact with intuition and a software system should never dictate the way you want to work. Instead, you build a workflow that compliments rather than re-shapes your own business. When you hit upon a winning formula, you can save that track and duplicate it again and again, building a software system that continues to evolve as you achieve greater efficiencies at work.



In the past, a recruiter would upload their new candidate into a one-size-fits-all track. Data which did not fit into a pre-determined category heading could be lost. Opportunities and connections could be missed because a vital part of the puzzle was missing. Worse: the fixed layout meant that the software was dictating to the recruiter how to work. This should never be the case.



The eBoss interfaces provides you with all the tools you may need when moving candidates through their tracks. The top priority is efficiency: both in terms of daily admin and within your most frequently repeated tasks. Customise your workflows to enhance the way you want to work. Then, save the best ones to constantly fine-tune your business to ever improving candidate experience and efficiency.