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Leading enterprises are already looking towards the post-lockdown future. In this article, we consider how managing risk will play a vital part in deciding which enterprises thrive – and which struggle – in the future.

If you’ve been reading the news, you’ll probably have seen politicians and and the like asking if the lockdown will soon be relaxed. If it is, what might that look like? What happens next? Do we all leave our houses the first day after lockdown, and go back to business as normal?

Here’s why – as recruiters – we should not be thinking like that:

It won’t be “business as normal”. There are going to be huge obstacles in front of us all, on the other side of the coronavirus. Things like mass redundancies. The Government’s own statistics say that as many as 5 million new jobseekers could soon enter the employment market. That is a lot of candidates to process.

At the same time, we have core services and larger commercial firms which want to expand. This isn’t just emergency teams and delivery drivers. Amazon recently announced it will hire 100,000 new staff. 100,000!

What we might soon see is a sort of “global weirding” in the recruitment sector. Very harsh, long droughts where next to nobody is hiring at all. But then sudden floods of enormous volumes once the first movers begin to snap up the skills they need. Here’s an example: when Amazon scoops up 100,000 workers, that forces employers competing for the same skills to also make hires – it forces their hand, even if they were planning to hold off a little longer.

As recruiters, we should be looking for ways to address the needs of an unpredictable market. A marketplace that is characterised by sudden and extreme swings in performance can provide rich pickings – but only for firms that are prepared for it. For that, you need to have two things in place:

One: low baseline operating costs that mean you are not haemorrhaging money during the slow months.

Two: The capacity for enormous upward scalability that means you can capitalise more during the sudden spikes in hiring activity.

If you just hire a bigger team of recruiters, that becomes expensive during the bad months.

If you try to move forward with only limited resources, then you are throttling your maximum performance during a spike in activity.

So, what do you do?

eBoss has developed a way for firms to minimise their exposure to risk, while preparing to capitalise when market momentum permits.. Our core system provides high upward scalability at a low baseline cost.

Schedule a chat with us, and we can plan a future for your enterprise – whatever obstacles you face.

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