New Feature: Jobfeed | eBoss Recruitment Software

Supercharge your sales funnel in 2020 – with eBoss Jobfeed.

• Jobfeed

Next is Jobfeed. This feature will find you new work every day.

What is it?

• Jobfeed searches your favourite job boards for new opportunities and openings every day.

• Jobfeed also finds vacancies posted to the websites of individual organisations and businesses.

• Connect with a world of potential new clients.

• Fully compatible with Match: so your system will automate Matches against the vacancies that Job Feed has found for you!

How does it work?

JobFeed searches the biggest recruitment web portals for new vacancy postings, every day. It also tracks down jobs that are only listed on companies’ own websites.

The results that it captures are then uploaded to your own eBoss Jobfeed. Every position is sorted to myriad specifications, including: industry, profession, required qualifications, location – even company name.


• Jobfeed will be available Q1 2020.

eBoss: Developing with your business

These enhancements to your service will help you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. By adding this new functionality to your software, we are also reducing the complexity and making the system easier to use.

eBoss Jobfeed arrives Q1 of 2020.

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