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This year, the rules governing data security have changed. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updates digital privacy laws within the EU. Since May 25th 2018, the GDPR now replaces the existing EU Data Protection Directives (DPD), and the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Here, you can find free online guides and downloadable resources to help with compliance. eBoss customers can choose from a range of sophisticated GDPR recruitment software tools to help their business. Clients can also find announcements about our own commitments to customer data security. How will GDPR affect recruitment? Find out here.


Q: How quickly must I delete data subject data?

A: GDPR says that a data controller must comply to an erasure request “without undue delay”. read more

Q: What will happen with GDPR after Brexit? Will the laws change again?

A: No. The GDPR applies to businesses anywhere in the world – not just those located within the EU. read more

Still searching for that elusive answer to your GDPR questions? Read all of the responses in our GDPR Frequently Asked Questions.


How is GDPR going to affect the recruitment industry? When a news story breaks, we’ll post it here. You can also browse our entire GDPR articles archive, and get your GDPR updates delivered to your inbox, every week.

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Do you prefer to work offline, and get some downtime from your screen? Here are some free GDPR resources that will help you get on top of compliance over a quiet cuppa.

These printer-ready packs might be just what you are looking for, if faster, smarter compliance is your goal. Our aim is to help recruitment firms like yours get to grips with the detail of the law, and take the right steps towards compliance. Instead of costly legal advice, we want to achieve this by creating a discussion around the best solutions available to you.

Inside, you will find indispensable help for your GDPR compliance programme. Our booklets offer structured approaches to tackling GDPR compliance problems – whether you are a privacy expert or a complete novice. So, whether you are nearing the end of your readiness initiative, or you have no idea where to start, our guide gives pragmatic tips on where to go next.


GDPR for recruiters will represent a significant cultural change in the way many firms conduct their business. The way you manage your company’s data will be regulated by the strictest privacy laws ever written. From next year, GDPR will impact upon the way you collect, store, and use data. Browse our GDPR guides archive, or watch one of our data compliance Webinars.

WEBINAR: GDPR For Recruitment

GDPR basics. Watch our introductory webinar. We discuss: your legal duties; selecting a basis for processing which may be right for you; and some of the easiest ways to demonstrate compliance to clients and authorities.

If you have questions about data compliance, this is the webinar for you.

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Securing your business data is no longer best practice; it is your legal duty. The GDPR makes Privacy By Design a compulsory part of your business.

Privacy By Design means that you can only use software and services which have been developed with security as a top consideration, at every stage of development. But how can you be sure of this, in a real-world situation? The quickest solution is to choose a service from a trusted provider.

At eBoss, we are open and transparent about our commitments to privacy, and to the security of your personal data. Recruitment agencies looking for a managed solution need look no further – eBoss data security tools ensure out-of-the-box solutions, or custom-fitted to suit your enterprise.

Take a sneak peek at the customer experience in our public-facing GDPR compliance request portal:


1) When your candidates receive a message from you about GDPR compliance, they will have the option to visit a link and either grant permission, or deny it.

2) The permissions page is a public-facing part of your system. Your database is automatically updated, following every interaction.

3) If a client has denied permission, the GDPR icon will be shown in red. If permission has been granted, the GDPR icon will be shown in green.

Could it be any easier? Sign up for a test drive of eBoss Recruitment Software.

eBoss Statement on GDPR

We work diligently to make sure our software and services are the most secure in the recruitment industry. Our dedication to privacy extends beyond our internal practices: it covers every third-party subprocessor and contractor that we might choose to carry out parts of our service.

We have written a statement to explain many aspects of our own compliance programme. We have also addressed some of the specific questions that we have received from clients and customers in regards to this. You can read the full statement here.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

We have refreshed our Privacy and Cookies Policies to bring them into line with GDPR standards. In particular, we have clarified payments processing, and re-stated the rights of customers and website users. Please familiarise yourself with the rights and obligations set out in our Privacy Policy when you have a spare moment.

Website Terms and Conditions

We have also updated our Website Terms and Conditions to ensure GDPR compliance. Please read these updated terms of use, and familiarise yourself with the new rights and obligations you have as a user under GDPR, as set out in our Terms and Conditions for Online Use.