eBoss Jobfeed is a rich source of sales data. But this job market data can inform your strategising just as it can help you to source new leads.

Our LinkedIn page will recognise the Jobfeed infographics which regularly make an appearance on our page.

The live UK job market data is scraped by our Jobfeed technology. this feature collects job posts from across the web and uploads them to users’ desktops in real time. It’s intended to give eBoss users a head sharp in the competitive recruitment sales environment.

But what if you are a business leader? This data is just as valuable for setting goals and targets – and for anticipating wider market moves and trends. This job market data gives a snapshot of the health within the UK. Who is hiring? Is job creation growing, or slowing? All of these are crucial factors for business owners in the current climate.

Our previous Jobfeed report compared May to September 2020. This period covered the extended lockdown created by the coronoavirus. It was a snapshot of an extraordinary time in UK recruitment. Job creation had slumped, and redundancies had reached a record high. As many recruiters were telling us, this had a simple effect on the UK jobs market. The few new roles being created were fought over by a larger number of individual talent agencies than usual. And placements were being made faster, due to the high volume and increasing quality of candidates suddenly on the market.

When lockdowns came to an end, job creation sky rocketed at its fastest pace on record. It was a welcome sign of recovery. And, while it was by no means an immediate return to normal, it demonstrated resilience within the industry.

Our November comparison should also be welcomed as good news. The strong recovery of the September data is repeated – and slightly improved upon – in November.


Perhaps the greater challenge for recruiters will be the external limits imposed on a usually profitable time of the year. Temporary staffing solutions may feel the effects of a slowdown in seasonal hires. With severe restrictions on retail, events, and hospitality this year, some firms may not receive the usual Christmas windfall that they have grown accustomed to.

The above graphic shows a little over 11,000 roles labelled as “seasonal” work in the Jobfeed database. Is this a typical volume for the fourth quarter of the year? Is this a sufficient number of orders to sustain temp recruiters through to the new year? With the live job market data on your desktop, you have the knowledge and the foresight to make the choices that are best for your business.