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Introducing – Time Saving Feature Rich eBoss+ Recruitment Software

eBoss+ recruitment software has been designed for the busy consultant working in any size recruitment agency. Much research and development has gone into the system to ensure it is intuitive and fast for consultants to be up and running in the shortest time possible.

eBoss+ is one of the most powerful recruitment software systems available on the market. eBoss+ is completely scalable so it can grow with your agency. Check out the powerful search and time saving features combined with a high level of support that guarantees a positive relationship between your agency and eBoss+ for many years.

Recruitment Software Search Options

Semantic Search

Recruitment consultants want a database to have the most powerful and technically advanced search tools available in the world. Being able to find what you are looking for quickly and accurately is imperative.

The eBoss+ Semantic Search tool delivers on this and more. eBoss+ finds the candidates you are looking for and presents them in an easy to compare format. Manual data entry is a thing of the past. And if your database can’t deliver enough matches with your search, the eBoss+ Social Media Search feature will help you search the world at the same time to give your search the extra boost.

Boost the number of perfectly matched candidates using eBoss+ Semantic Search – the gold standard of searching technology.

Boolean Search

Boolean Search offers some real power when it comes to searching multiple thousands of CV documents on your system. There are significant advantages for those consultants who like to create their own Boolean Search strings. Powerful but simple to use at the same time. There are just a few ‘search operators’ to use along with the words you are searching with. The search operators include: & (‘and’ – put this between two words to search for records that contain both words), “your exact search phrase here” (use quotes to search for an exact phrase), (‘pipe’ – put this between two words to search for records that contain either word) and (‘minus’ – use this to exclude records that contain the word).

But if you don’t use any of the above operators, Boolean Search will use ‘&’ (AND), so will return any records that contain all of the search terms you enter.

Quick Search

Quick Search has also been available for consultants to do quick and easy searches on their database. All you need is some idea of the information you are searching for then it’s super fast. For example, if you know the ID, first or last name, email or phone number for a candidate, you can pull up their information with just a few keystrokes. The Quick Search feature works similarly for Clients too using keyword, company name, contact name and ID being the data searched on.

Database Search

When you want to retrieve specific information from your database, when you need it quickly, you need a reliable and fast Database Search facility.

With the latest up to date information at hand you have the tools for great relationship building to provide the highest quality service to your clients.

Database Search offers precise results for your database queries, searching all the information in your eBoss+ database. The advantages of this are evident by the clever advanced search tools eBoss+ has developed in order to extract the information you want, when you want it.

How the data is entered or uploaded into your database is up to you. You don’t need to worry about the old mantra of ‘what you put in, is what you get out’. eBoss+ puts the data in your database for you in more ways than one. Starting with a simple manual entry, for example, you can record precise details in fields that are configurable by yourself, thus making your database bespoke to your agency. Another method of populating your database fields is to send CV documents that via parsing will populate these fields.

Save time in the future and have your candidates do the work by using the registration forms on your website connected directly to your database and/or the eBoss+ API.

Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System is a comprehensive, elegant solution that saves time and helps increase your revenue. The system allows you to make accurate decisions based on facts not just intuition. You will spend less time on administration of your recruitment processes with automation of many tasks and you’ll provide a better applicant experience because of the prompt and effective communication.

Ensure you run a professional agency by only advancing the right candidates to the next stage of your recruitment process. The eBoss+ pre-screening feature is the best way to ensure accuracy when assessing potential candidates for placement with your clients.

The CV Parser feature reads and extracts candidates’ personal, educational and employment details directly to your eBoss+ database. The CV Parser will also extract competencies and skills and add them to the candidate record automatically. Once the data is extracted, more powerful search queries can be completed from simple Database Searches through to powerful Semantic Search and Social Media Searches.


The sophisticated benchmarking feature gives you the ability to check on your consultants’ performance with side by side reporting to assist you in making accurate decisions for the agency. You can then make easy changes to targets on both individual and team levels. View by week or month and print results at anytime.

The eBoss+ KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting module is another simple and fast way to check how your consultants are performing. You can set individual key performance indicators and benchmarks compared to set targets.

Social Media Search

Some eBoss+ clients don’t have the largest candidate databases for a variety of reasons. They might be small or medium sized agencies that don’t have the resources to develop a large database. Other clients are newly formed and are just putting their database together.

In the past a tiny database might mean agencies had to rely solely on job boards to find suitable candidates. However, with eBoss+ you can extend your search far from your database to the whole world. Find all the candidates you need with social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing and Monster.

The eBoss+ system will allow you to complete a detailed search query of the candidates you are looking for then tap into social media sites to find the ultimate match.

Best of all you don’t need to remember what the search criteria was, you can save it and go back to review and alter later. The results of all your searches can also be saved and managed using the eBoss+ Applicant Tracking System. Seeing the system in action is the only way to appreciate the power, speed and accuracy of this feature

During an eBoss+ demo prospects decide on the type of searches they make so they can see how eBoss+ will work for them.

Job Board Integration

eBoss+ has partnered with some of the biggest and most widely available online job posting and job advertising platforms. Idibu, Jobmate, Broadbean & LogicMelon integration is built into eBoss+ recruitment software, giving you a very efficient force multiplier when it comes to finding the best candidate for your client’s vacancy.

You decide which advertising platform you would like to use then place your ad with a subscription to the job board. You can customise your distribution channels on a per-job basis, choosing the most appropriate posting and distribution medium for the job at hand.

Gone are the days that you have to post jobs manually on each job board. Using eBoss+ you don’t need to do any more than click one button to distribute your job to multiple job boards.

Social Media Integration

Along with job boards, eBoss+ is fully integrated with the large social media sites. You want to promote your vacancies as far and wide as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

eBoss+ also has some social media tools built in. So when you post a job inside your eBoss+ recruitment software database you can click the ‘tweet’ option and details of the job vacancy will be tweeted with a friendly url link. Interested applicants can view details of the vacancy from within their Twitter account and follow instructions to apply for the position.

Imagine the savings you can make by gaining a steady stream of applicants through your social media sites instead of relying solely on costly job board advertisements.

Time Saving Features

eBoss+ has consistently reduced the amount of time it takes to complete tasks right down to the number of keystrokes. If there is a faster way to do a task, eBoss+ will find it and modify the system to take advantage of it. Some of the most recent time saving releases has included callback. At the time of creating your shortlists you can click the call button and the candidate’s details will be saved as a diary event in one hour’s time. eBoss+ can be integrated with exchange so that call details are saved to your Outlook calendar. Save several candidates for callbacks and you’ll have an effective time-blocked task.

Short-lists are created with one touch. You can review a CV and click an icon to save the candidate to a short-list on the fly. Decide you want to move some of the candidates out of one short-list and into another? No problem. Simply give your new short-list a name and transfer candidates to the list. eBoss+ guarantees that it will save 75% of your time compared to manual processes. Think of what you can achieve in the time you save.

eBoss+ appreciated that valuable seconds were lost when a consultant had to wait for a CV to download. The feature was upgraded so that consultants now review a CV on screen without downloading.

Superior Customer Service

eBoss+ prides itself on providing fast, personal support to our clients. If you contact us within UK business hours, it is our aim to get back to you within minutes of your request being made.

eBoss speaks to a global clientele. With customers in almost every time zone, it is vital for us to have an agile reponse. Although we do not (yet) offer 24 hour support, we will always endeavor to meet your requests punctually, so your business never loses momentum.

How do we help? With remote screen access via TeamViewer, you don’t need to explain your technical issue over the phone: you can show us. Your expert eBoss+ consultant can quickly set up TeamViewer and see your screen in real time – just like having a consultant in in the room with you.

Your issue will be sorted out quickly and easily so you can finish the task and get on with your day. No one likes waiting and eBoss+ takes its service guarantee seriously.

More Revenue for Your Consultancy

Happy eBoss+ clients regularly report how much time they save on traditional methods of database searching, matching and management. eBoss+ refuses to rest on its laurels and is constantly looking at ways to improve the system. Clients deserve to have the best system available on the market.

With all the time saving measures available to you through eBoss+, you can take on more vacancies and more clients without the need to increase the number of consultants on staff. Your investment in eBoss+ can be returned to you, multiple times over.

Assistance for your Candidates

Word of mouth is important in the recruitment industry. And candidates talk. Make sure your agency is recommended by the most number of candidates possible by offering them valuable assistance. eBoss+ tracking allows you to see at a glance which roles candidates have applied for and where they have stalled in the recruitment process. Providing candidates with advice or training may assist them at the next interview.

Candidates appreciate the small amount of time and effort it took you to review their record on eBoss+ and provide the assistance to help achieve their new role. This level of service leads to raving fans who tell colleagues about their experience with your agency.

Client Customer Service

Keep in contact with your clients using eBoss+ recruitment software and record every interaction quickly and easily so you can refresh your memory before your next contact. When you have a number of clients that you need to provide exceptional customer service to, use eBoss+ to record tips and information that you can use in your phone, email and face-to-face communications.

As an eBoss+ user you can have complete confidence in telling clients and prospects that you use some of the most powerful tools available in the industry. Explain or even show your client just how powerful eBoss+ is so they have peace of mind that your searches have been thorough and the candidates you put forward are the most qualified for the role. Prospect clients can be sold on the CRM an agency uses. eBoss+ can provide you with a list of the features its system has for gaining the most suitable candidates to help you win new agency clients.

Access Anywhere with eBoss+ App

The majority of recruitment consultants don’t only work in the office sitting in front of their desktop. Consultants need access to their system everywhere at any time. Whether it be in a coffee shop or at home on the weekend, you may need to login and access your eBoss+ database so we’ve make it as easy as possible for you with an app available on IOS and Android devices.

The app will allow you to view and manage candidate, client and contact records. You can quickly search your records including the note history and add new records. Again if you have any queries, you can reach the eBoss+ customer service team at the click of a button from within the app.

The app is available to all eBoss+ users at no extra charge so you’ll have complete access to your system from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop anywhere any time.

No Credit Card, No Commitment Demo…

As you can see eBoss+ has all the features to make you the most time efficient, professional consultant. With a 75% time saving on manual recruitment processes you will be able to take on more clients and vacancies resulting in higher revenue.

Don’t hesitate, Click Here to request an obligation free demonstration today to see how eBoss+ Recruitment Software can work for your agency.