2019: A Year in Recruitment | UK Recruitment News

2019 has come and gone. But what were the landmark moments for recruiters over the last twelve months? From changing trends in skills to your own survey data, here are the year’s most-clicked stories.

• The year began in political uncertainty, but the jobs market was buoyant. January saw eBoss looking ahead to the next twelve months. What were your clients’ hiring priorities for 2019?

• In February, we looked at how government, enterprise, and recruiters were tackling the skills gap. More specifically, we asked: “Who should pay for upskilling staff?”

• In March, eBoss customers voiced their own concerns over the big question of the day: Brexit. In an exclusive poll, we asked you whether you were ready for the March 29th exit date. And, just like the government at the time, most were not prepared….

April saw the lifting of the so-called Swedish Derogation on minimum wages and worker rights. eBoss investigated the impact of the changes and – in a first for the entire internet it seems – we actually explained what the Swedish derogation is in plain English.

• The weather was improving and we all had a spring in our step. May was the perfect time to examine Workplace wellness initiatives. What impact could a four-day week have on productivity?

June saw the publication of the eBoss mid-year report. We gauged your sentiments on the year to date. Were UK recruiters breaking the records they had set in 2018?

July brought the first suggestion that hiring confidence may have reached a peak. As recruitment sentiment slipped for the second consecutive month, we considered the affect on the UK jobs market.

August saw a new trend emerging with job creation in London declining faster than in the regions. But, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It was revealed that job security in the UK is pretty much the same as it was in the 1990s.

September saw the start of a new school year, and we looked at new approaches to identify young talent. Specifically, we asked whether it was realistic to recruit candidates based on talents they have demonstrated – or even acquired – in the virtual worlds of video games.

• A new report, published in October, found that recruiters and employers were turning away from traditional educational qualifications and prioritising tech talents. In fact, digital know-how was outstripping academic brilliance even in non-tech positions.

• In November, we re-visited the tale of King Cnut – and suggested that recruiters are about to experience an imminent sea change in the way we all work.

• We ended the year a little closer to home. At the start of December, eBoss company Director of Sales Robert Ward sat down for an interview. The result was a wide-ranging look ahead to what is in store for eBoss, our customers, and the recruitment industry as a whole, in 2020.

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