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Good and Evil in Automated Recruiting | Recruitment News UK

• Facebook will pay out nearly £4mn because its jobs tools were shown to promote discrimination. But has the platform learned its lesson? • The ONS publishes its latest recruitment and employment data. Here’s what rising employment might mean for your recruitment strategy. The $4mn cost of Facebook discrimination The social network has been fined […]

Blue Collar Shortages & Recruiting with Social Media | Recruitment News

• Is Britain running out of blue Collar workers? Employers express hiring doubts for the future. • SMEs are bracing for the impact of Brexit, a new study reports. • When you think of Technological solutions for recruiters, McDonald’s may not be the first name you think of. But the brand scored a surprising social […]

Agencies told: review your recruitment NDAs now | UK Recruitment News

• Refresh your existing NDAs and policies, recruiters warned. • This job listing requires more experience than is possible for one person to possess. But does the mistake expose an underlying recruitment bias? • Are recruiters ready for Brexit? An eBoss survey finds most have not completed preparations. Recruitment law: Why you should refresh your […]

Who is ready for recruiting after brexit? | Recruitment News UK

In an eBoss exclusive, we look at original research data that suggests lack of clarity is preventing firms from planning. The recruitment industry is struggling to set adequate contingency plans for Brexit, a new survey has found. The data forms part of an original research study carried out by eBoss. eBoss commissioned the poll of […]

Where to find the UK’s Recruitment Growth | UK Recruitment News

• Job creation in the UK has soared. Growth sectors include media, communications, and fintech. • Most Australians face discrimination at work, according to a new poll. We break down the numbers. Demand for talent soars in the UK A surge in demand for key talent will only increase the value offerings of effective recruiters […]

Award-winning MPloy among the UK’s best to work for | UK Recruitment News

Leading recruitment agency MPloy has been recognised in the Sunday Times 100 Best companies list. The recruitment agency Mploy Staffing Solutions (long-time partners of eBoss) has been named among the Best Companies to Work For by the Sunday Times. The annual competition saw MPloy appearing at number 30 on the list. The announcement was made […]

Why smart agencies tackle recruitment discrimination | UK Recruitment News

• Equality at work starts with the recruitment process. What are the challenges? What are the practical solutions? • Latest employment data from the ONS show continuing trends in vacancies and employment rates. • Presenteeism is reaching epidemic levels. But why do Britons feel uncomfortable admitting they are ill? Why Agencies Should Focus on Solving […]

Mind The Gap | Recruitment News UK

• The government issues guidance on closing gender pay gaps. the advice is to change workplace culture. But could technological support also provide answers? • In-work training is vital to employee retention. In fact, more than a half of British workers are ready to walk, if they don’t find opportunities to develop in their current […]

UK Recruitment: Funding, Aspirations and Engagement Challenges

• Who should pay for skills development? Private enterprise needs them – but so do governments. • A wage map of Britain shows how salaries were advertised at the start of 2019. Which regions are wealthier – and where are wages slipping? • More than one in seven British youngsters wants to work for YouTube. […]

UK Recruitment: are you looking forward to the future?

• Recruitment is changing. For some, the future is now. For others, there are fears of being left behind. • A UK recruitment agency has failed in its appeal to win back its license. Investigators uncovered serious breaches of gang master rules. • Facebook eyes Ireland for expansion plans in Europe. But why do blue […]

Clients, Candidates, and Communication | Recruiting News

• This week, we examine recruitment communication. How can recruiters advertise more effectively? How can they ensure their candidates always get a foot in the door? • What industry jargon are we all over-using? This week’s recruitment news finds out. • Are you #hashtag literate? One consultant says social media tags are vital to hiring […]

Your New Hiring Priorities | Recruitment News

• Your clients’ hiring priorities are changing; can you deliver the shortlist that they want? • Which factors might make your next job more attractive to candidates? • The second major data breach of the GDPR age hits the Australian recruiting sector – who was at fault? Your top placements for 2019 New data identifies […]