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Your New Hiring Priorities | Recruitment News

• Your clients’ hiring priorities are changing; can you deliver the shortlist that they want? • Which factors might make your next job more attractive to candidates? • The second major data breach of the GDPR age hits the Australian recruiting sector – who was at fault? Your top placements for 2019 New data identifies […]

Generation Netflix

• Generation Z is entering the workforce. But why are they not turning up for interviews? • What are the media and software recruitment influences that shape our career path choices? • Jaguar Land Rover announces job cuts. How will this impact a slowing manufacturing recruitment space? Why are young professionals dropping out of the […]

Recruiting for 2019: The year ahead

• Recruiting for 2019? Read what the British Chamber of Commerce has to say about your prospects in the year ahead. • Army recruitment is in decline. A campaign targeting selfie and video game-obsessed youngsters aims to reverse that trend. Lower hires: How BCC report data impacts your recruiting for 2019 A report from the […]

2018 in recruitment news

What were the top recruitment news stories of 2018? For our final update of 2018 in recruitment, we have chosen the most important reports of each month from the eBoss recruitment news archives. January: Carillion Collapses The big news impacting the industry in January was the sudden collapse of outsourcers Carillion. With operations spread across […]

Wrapping up the year’s Recruitment Data

• Recruitment data for the final quarter of 2018 is in. How has the industry fared in the past twelve months? • Government statistics from the ONS provide further insight to the world we work in. • Pubs are in decline. What does this mean for recruitment in one of the UK’s most vital sectors? […]

Trial Work Status: Legal Guidance for Recruiters

• Unpaid trial work will be subject to tighter scrutiny in future. HMRC provides clear guidelines on unpaid probationary periods. • Australian data security law changes have created a point of debate. But will the government’s new surveillance powers create problems for privacy-conscious recruiters? Government warning on free trial work HMRC issues fresh legal guidance […]

Tier Two Visas and Recruitment Drought

• A squeeze on recruitment could be on the cards, as the government confirms plans to introduce tier 2 visas for EU nationals. • One in three Britons are unhappy in work. Which are the most miserable cities in the UK? And what are the simple lessons that business leaders can learn to solve falling […]

High tech troubleshooters: a gig economy for professionals?

• The digital transformation of work is being powered by temporary staff. Are we seeing the emergence of a gig economy for professional troubleshooters with highly marketable skills? • ONS employment data reveals the extent of the squeeze on the UK’s hiring sector. • Job board activity is plummeting over the last year. Does this […]

No-deal Brexit: a worker status headache for recruiters

• Check the worker status of EU nationals, MP warns recruiters. • IRC announces growth plans after a successful third quarter. • Free flights to close skills gaps? One Irish agency puts its money where its mouth is. “Check worker statuses in event of no deal”, Minister warns UK employers and recruiters are likely to […]

Trick or Treat? Autumn Budget Round-up

• How did recruiters fare in the Autumn budget? • Why the government’s apprenticeship scheme has led to more internal upskilling, and fewer hires. • Australia’s Fair Work Commission demonstrates why it is never a good idea to lie on your CV. Autumn Budget Round-Up This week the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced his autumn budget […]

Private sector recruitment slumps

• Private sector recruitment has slumped, The British Chamber of Commerce warns. • There are opportunities for Northern Ireland recruitment to grow. But obstacles are preventing companies from making new hires. • Graduate recruitment is important to get right. See how one agency got it very wrong. Slump in private sector hires Private sector service […]