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LinkedIn and the digital future of recruitment | UK Recruitment News

• LinkedIn is getting even larger. What will this mean for your recruitment firm in the future? • IR35 proves difficult to implement, but challenges in the public sector mean a private sector roll-out could be chaotic. • Latest ONS jobs market data is in once again. The industry keeps fighting through challenging times. LinkedIn […]

Will we see an AI Recruitment Boost? | Recruitment News UK

• Automation may create more jobs than it destroys. Will an AI recruitment boost save us from a robot apocalypse after all? • The UK jobs market is incredibly lean. Expert analysts have warned employers to start preparing any planned hires sooner, rather than later. • eBoss wins the Best User Experience award from SoftwareSuggest. […]

Stop-gap recruitment solutions in uncertain times? | Recruitment News UK

• Demand for temporary staffing is on the rise. We look at new figures, and ask why advanced recruitment planning among enterprises might be informed by uncertainty, rather than preference. • Teachers are abandoning Britain’s classrooms. We look at some of the ‘push’ factors helping them out of the door. We also see why the […]

IR35: The countdown begins | Recruitment News UK

• IR35 is coming to the private sector in exactly a year’s time. We give you the quick run-down on how to start preparing – today! • Identity checks waste more of a recruiter’s time than any other task. What can be done to reduce the workload? And should we really be critical of a […]

Three Payroll Puzzles for Recruiters | Recruitment News UK

• Payroll processes are changing. See how recruiters have been told to prepare. • The national minimum wage has increased. We evaluate its significance to the British workforce. • Female graduates expect to earn less than men. But why? • We have found your dream job. Spoiler: it involves travelling and eating. Employment Rights Act […]

Pay gap reporting deadlines approach | Recruitment News UK

• UK gender pay gap reporting is outstanding – and not in a good way. • UK recruitment is a lean market. But could new growth be found outside the capital? UK Equal Pay Reports Go Unreported Gender pay reporting is again in the spotlight, as companies remain slow to respond with a week to […]

Good and Evil in Automated Recruiting | Recruitment News UK

• Facebook will pay out nearly £4mn because its jobs tools were shown to promote discrimination. But has the platform learned its lesson? • The ONS publishes its latest recruitment and employment data. Here’s what rising employment might mean for your recruitment strategy. The $4mn cost of Facebook discrimination The social network has been fined […]

Blue Collar Shortages & Recruiting with Social Media | Recruitment News

• Is Britain running out of blue Collar workers? Employers express hiring doubts for the future. • SMEs are bracing for the impact of Brexit, a new study reports. • When you think of Technological solutions for recruiters, McDonald’s may not be the first name you think of. But the brand scored a surprising social […]

Agencies told: review your recruitment NDAs now | UK Recruitment News

• Refresh your existing NDAs and policies, recruiters warned. • This job listing requires more experience than is possible for one person to possess. But does the mistake expose an underlying recruitment bias? • Are recruiters ready for Brexit? An eBoss survey finds most have not completed preparations. Recruitment law: Why you should refresh your […]

Who is ready for recruiting after brexit? | Recruitment News UK

In an eBoss exclusive, we look at original research data that suggests lack of clarity is preventing firms from planning. The recruitment industry is struggling to set adequate contingency plans for Brexit, a new survey has found. The data forms part of an original research study carried out by eBoss. eBoss commissioned the poll of […]