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Can Recruiters Weather an Economic Downturn? | Recruitment News UK

• The head of a UK recruitment giant makes an economic warning. But will the solutions being offered assist all recruiters equally? • Technology shapes the way we work and live. Where should recruitment enterprise leaders be investing their resources for maximum effect? • The ONS releases jobs market data for March-May 2019. What do […]

Recruitment: Economic Powerhouse? | Recruitment News UK

• Hiring confidence has slipped for a second consecutive month. We look at what that means for a UK economy reliant on a buoyant services sector. • The UK’s largest human trafficking ring has been broken. Find out how the criminals used an unsuspecting recruitment agency to process its victims. And learn how to safeguard […]

Resourceful Recruitment | Recruitment News UK

• How much better would the Apprenticeship Levy be, if recruiters had access to the funds? That is what one industry body is petitioning the government to find out. • What are the most attractive skills for entry level positions? Employers are increasingly playing the long game with every hire – see how this is […]

Finding recruitment’s hidden treasures | Recruitment News UK

This week’s recruitment news update takes a slightly different approach. With summer finally here, we take a step back from the hustle and bustle of workday life and give an overview of the industry – and look forward to its future. • This week, we learned that agencies’ margins are getting tighter. • We discovered […]

Getting The Brand Back Together | Recruitment News UK

• What value are brands in the current recruitment landscape? We look at the difference that a little brand leveraging can make to hires. • The latest ONS jobs market data has been published. See how this month’s data tallies with the long-term trends in UK recruitment. On-Brand for Better Hires We look at the […]

UK Recruiters report on 2019 performance | Recruitment News UK

• In an eBoss exclusive, we look at recruiters’ sentiments about performance in 2019. Are we looking at another record-breaking year?/strong> • UK recruiters are among the best for managing the work-life balance. So how can we help to improve the working lifestyles of our candidates? • This badly written job listing is our recruitment […]

The Shortage Occupation List for UK Recruiting | Recruitment News UK

• New occupations may be added to a list of protected professions. It may have just got easier to make overseas hires. • What is the Shortage Occupation List? How it operates, and how it could affect your recruitment decisions – explained. • Britain’s SMEs are the engine of the country’s economy. But what are […]

Is changing recruitment a Good Work Plan? | UK Recruitment News

• What is the Good Work Plan? Further details have been released of the government’s strategy to create a fairer workplace. • Does nobody want to work at Facebook any more? The social networking giant has faced image problems of late. • Which jobs have the highest demand, at present? One jobs board reveals the […]

LinkedIn and the digital future of recruitment | UK Recruitment News

• LinkedIn is getting even larger. What will this mean for your recruitment firm in the future? • IR35 proves difficult to implement, but challenges in the public sector mean a private sector roll-out could be chaotic. • Latest ONS jobs market data is in once again. The industry keeps fighting through challenging times. LinkedIn […]

Will we see an AI Recruitment Boost? | Recruitment News UK

• Automation may create more jobs than it destroys. Will an AI recruitment boost save us from a robot apocalypse after all? • The UK jobs market is incredibly lean. Expert analysts have warned employers to start preparing any planned hires sooner, rather than later. • eBoss wins the Best User Experience award from SoftwareSuggest. […]

Stop-gap recruitment solutions in uncertain times? | Recruitment News UK

• Demand for temporary staffing is on the rise. We look at new figures, and ask why advanced recruitment planning among enterprises might be informed by uncertainty, rather than preference. • Teachers are abandoning Britain’s classrooms. We look at some of the ‘push’ factors helping them out of the door. We also see why the […]