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Monster suffers another huge Data Breach | Recruitment News

The US-based jobs board has suffered its third major security breach in two years. Monster, the Massachusetts-based jobs board, has suffered its third major data breach in three years, TechCrunch reports. In this most recent breach, an unsecured web server was targeted by hackers, who retrieved thousands of jobseeker résumés. The server in question had […]

What LinkedIn ruling means for recruiters | Recruitment News

US Court of Appeal ruling could open up the social network for recruiters and third-party service providers. Linkedin, the social network for professionals, has lost a US appeal court case over the use of its website data. The ruling, in favour of an independent developer, could mean significant changes for the way data on the […]

Guest Blog | Can Fantasy Sports Help Recruitment?

Fantasy sports: building a team of all-stars whose performance is based on their real-world achievements. It’s a fast-growing hobby for millions of players. But can it also help recruiters to unearth resourceful and self-developing candidates? Our guest blogger from WC1 Media finds the use cases. eBoss recently published an article about how video games can […]

Why it was right to fire fireman sam | UK Recruitment News

The popular animated hero has been cut from fire service hiring campaigns, as employers struggle with unconscious bias in recruitment. Fireman Sam, the popular children’s television hero, has been axed from hiring campaigns by one of Britain’s Fire services. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue service announced this week that the character would be removed from future […]

ONS Jobs Market Data | UK Recruitment News

eBoss reviews the latest government employment figures. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released its latest tranche of UK jobs market data. EBoss reviews the figures, and breaks down the information into four key areas of the market, that will be relevant to recruiters and their clients: Employment Rate Unemployment Rate Economic Activity Wage […]

Guest Blog | How Salary Calculators Improve Your Candidate Experience

How do informed jobseekers choose their next job? In our guest blog, Check-A-Salary explains why salary calculators are playing a part in a better candidate experience. It’s a difficult situation for any recruiter. You match a candidate with a role that is perfect for them on paper. They nail the interviews; and the employer loves […]

Spending Review Hands Cash to Police Recruitment | UK Recruitment News

The chancellor has pledged £800mn to boost police recruitment. The new chancellor of the exchequer has pledged almost £800 million to boost ailing recruitment into the police force. On Wednesday, Sajid Javid delivered his first spending review amid continuing Brexit uncertainty. The chancellor’s speech saw the release of significant sums of cash for social improvement […]

Can Video Games Help Recruiters? | UK Recruitment News

From identifying high-demand skills, to solving training and apprenticeship problems, can video games help recruiters out of their hiring dilemmas?. Recruiters are an inventive bunch. We always have one eye open for a new source of skills. And we’re usually keen to take on new approaches when it comes to screening and shortlisting our talent. […]

Finding the Future of Recruitment in Japan | Global Recruitment News

Japan’s rigorously traditional approach to graduate hiring has started to evaporate. We look at how new pressures and demands have sparked a recruitment revolution across the country. Every April in Japan, thousands of new graduates begin a highly formalised recruitment process. Dressed in matching suits, and working their way through a hectic circuit of career […]

Google Abandons its Hire Recruiter Software | UK Recruitment News

The web giant faced legal and logistical challenges with its recruiter software and ATS. Web giant Google has announced that it will be “sunsetting” its Hire for Google recruiter software – essentially abandoning the product. The California-based company announced that it was ending the service to focus on other aspects of the Google cloud portfolio. […]