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ONS job market data: June 2020 | Recruitment News UK

New data for February to April reveals the extent of lockdown impact on the jobs market. This month’s ONS report on the UK job market looks at the months of February to April 2020. The report covers the period of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK had entered lockdown; the government had announced […]

ONS job market data: May 2020 | Recruitment News UK

eBoss looks at emerging trends from the UK job market, in January to March of this year. eBoss recruitment news pages have reported and assessed the monthly Office for National Statistics’ job market data for more than nine months. In that time, we have seen a continued recruitment trend towards low unemployment, steady job creation, […]

ONS job market data: April 2020 | Recruitment News UK

We assess the ongoing job market trends for December 2019 to February 2020. eBoss evaluates job market trends in the final ONS report before the effects of coronavirus are revealed. The most recent ONS labour market overview covers the period of December 2019 to February 2020. This report effectively ends the trend lines of the […]

Managing Risk Through Unpredictable Times | Recruitment News

Leading enterprises are already looking towards the post-lockdown future. In this article, we consider how managing risk will play a vital part in deciding which enterprises thrive – and which struggle – in the future. If you’ve been reading the news, you’ll probably have seen politicians and and the like asking if the lockdown will […]

Support Facilities for Your Business | Recruitment News

There are multiple support facilities available to businesses and employees affected by the coronavirus. We run through some of the new and pre-existing options. Every business in the UK has now been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Even those in vital sectors that continue to operate are seeing reduced turnover and demand due to quarantine […]

ONS Job market data: March 2020 | Recruitment News UK

We assess the ongoing job market data trends for November 2019 to January 2020. eBoss assesses recruitment trends in what is likely to be the penultimate report before the affects of coronavirus are seen. Released last Tuesday (March 17), the most recent set of figures covers the period of November 2019 to January 2020. With […]

The Art of Viral Survival | Recruitment Strategy

Join us for our COVID-19 recruitment survival guide.The continued spread of the virus is disrupting the way we work. Here are some immediate changes to routine you can adopt to ensure a smoother transition. The coronavirus epidemic is disrupting the global economy. For business owners in the recruitment sector, this can be an unnerving time. […]

BoE cuts interest rates: effects on business | UK Recruitment News

The UK central bank slashes interest rates in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. The Bank of England (BoE) announced a sharp cut in interest rates on Wednesday (March 11th) this week. The decision was made in response to the continued spread of the COVID-19 coronovirus outbreak. The move sees the base rate of interest fall […]

New Feature: Jobfeed | eBoss Recruitment Software

Supercharge your sales funnel in 2020 – with eBoss Jobfeed. • Jobfeed Next is eBoss Jobfeed. Jobfeed will revolutionise your sales strategy, and transform the way you approach lead generation. This feature will find you new work every day. What is it? • Jobfeed searches your favourite job boards for new opportunities and openings every […]

Interviews, handshakes and sick pay: COVID fallout | Recruitment News UK

Dropped interviews, the end of the deal-making handshake, and sick pay confusion. These are just some of the consequences of COVID in the recruitment industry. The impact of COVID-19 – the Coronavirus – is being felt across the globe. But what affect is the epidemic having on an industry that is as reliant on social […]

Private sector IR35 rules confirmed for 2020 | Recruitment News UK

The UK government has confirmed that private sector IR35 rules changes will arrive in April 2020. The government has confirmed the roll-out of tax changes to the private sector. The announcement was made in a Treasury report, published last week (Feb 27th). The confirmation gives private enterprises which may be impacted by the changes a […]

Infographic: Recruiting on social media

Social media is big business, but is it paying dividends for recruiters? Our infographic explores the highs and lows of social media recruiting campaigns. We are approaching a point when half of the world will soon be social media users. The commercial potential of such a huge, global audience is obvious. But how much has […]