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How A Better Benefits Package Can Help You Recruit For Challenging Roles  | eBoss Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment is one of the most important parts of running a modern business. Getting the right staff in place is completely crucial to the smooth running of operations, and failing to do so can leave an otherwise well-positioned business unable to have success and make a profit.And let’s not forget that recruitment is about so […]

Why a Project Manager Adds Value to Your Business  | eBoss Recruitment Strategy

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are constantly adapting and optimising workplace practices to boost their strategies, expand their reach and recruit the right employees.Under the current economic climate, recruitment has witnessed first hand the need to constantly enhance strategies that effectively meet and manage client requirements. Research carried out by recruitment agency, […]

This Week in Recruitment | UK Recruitment News

We round up the week’s biggest recruitment news stories from the UK and beyond. Recruiters criticise Government’s slow response to legal question The recruitment industry has raised a collective warning over the lack of apparent progress on an Employment Bill. Various voices have raised concerns over the absence of employment-related legal changes being announced in […]

Being Flexible – Agility in your Agency | eBoss Recruitment Strategy

It is the case that many job descriptions will talk of a fantastic flexible working environment. But too often this ‘flexibility’ falls short of expectationand are not ‘flexible’ in the way that staff perhaps want them to be. A recent survey of worker preferences revealed that 76% of employees want flexibility regarding where they work, […]

Removing Bias from your Vocabulary | Recruitment Strategy

Can language exclude? In this article, we look at the important place that writing equal opportunities job ad listings has in the recruiters’ skills repertoire. Recruitment asks you to call upon all sorts of talents throughout your working day. You may swap sales for IT skills one minute; diplomacy for book-keeping the next. One skill […]

Software CRM: Your Star Witness Against Fee Dodgers | Recruitment Strategy

It’s known as “backdooring”: when a client hires your candidates outside the agreed upon recruitment process. They get their talent – but do you get your fees? We all hope for the best possible relations with our clients. And, for the most part, the recruitment industry is a fairly ethical place to work. Some may […]

The Recruiting Vision Behind Good Visuals | eBoss Recruitment Strategy

How important is it to be visually stylish if you want to be an effective recruiter? It is no accident that some of the best-known online recruiting and marketing campaigns look so sleek. We all ‘eat with our eyes’, and this visual approach is an effective strategy for making products, people, positions and businesses look […]

Expanding your Business: Gibraltar in profile | Recruitment Trends

What makes Gibraltar such a popular business base? We examine the favourable trading conditions that make ‘The Rock’ a top choice for UK enterprises. A growing business often looks abroad to discover new markets. Although the world is the oyster of British businesses, Gibraltar remains one of the consistently most popular locations for UK firms’ […]

Automating your shortlist – is it ethical? | Recruitment Strategies

Selecting candidates for clients is the moment when talent spotters can shine – so why would anybody automate it? Our experts make the case for and against automated shortlist recruitment solutions. Fresh from our lesson on ethics in last week’s blog post, we wanted to test some of those theories. How do ideas of ethics […]

How to be an Ethical Recruiter | Recruitment Strategies

We all like to think ourselves as beacons of virtue. But is that how the rest of the world sees us? Questions of ethics are high on the agenda right now. Whether it’s autocratic governments, correct adherence to covid restrictions, or the money in football clubs, authority is under the microscope. And ethics have always […]