A Smarter Database means Faster Placements | eBoss Recruitment Software

Hard work and experience will get you a long way in recruitment. But new technology is teaching even the most grizzled of industry veterans to put faith in smart solutions and ensure the best outcomes.

Reducing times to hired is a recruitment priority. In fact, around 40% of industry experts put “faster placements” as their number one concern in a 2020 survey.

It means that competition is accelerating. You don’t simply need to improve your own placement times. You have to improve them at a faster rate than your rivals, if you want to stay ahead of the game.

At the same time, we inhabit an industry which punishes you for every corner that you cut. Clients grow disappointed if you put forward unsuitable or unscreened candidates. Candidates will quickly lose faith in you if the experience you offer them is neglectful or inattentive.

It therefore pays to make the most of every available weapon in your recruitment arsenal. Let’s start with the database.

The company database is the first place leading recruiters look on every job. Why? Because they understand that you make faster placements when you start your search on your desktop.

Don’t agree? Here’s where you could be going wrong:

And don’t forget the small, incremental time savings

Our carousel focuses on some of the big time-saving tools. Semantic will help you reduce your searches by as much as 80%. Combine that with Match automated listbuilding and you can reduce your overall times-to-hired by an unprecedented 40%.

But some of the biggest wins are slow-burners. Those small, incremental time savings which are barely noticed on a single order, but which stack up over time. Automate your CV uploads. Get AI weighting for all your qualified candidates and prioritise your day’s screening work. collect fresh job order data direct from the open market and you save time on your cold calls. Not because you stop using the phones – but because you have a perfect, qualified candidate ready in advance each time you do make that outreach call.