eBoss: best for recruitment software support | recruitment software news

We are delighted to reveal that the eBoss support team has been named the best of the recruitment software industry in an international competition.

eBoss is delighted to announce we have been named the world’s best recruitment software support team of 2021 by SoftwareSuggest.

The comparison website’s awards named eBoss as the best for customer care in this year’s competition.

The SoftwareSuggest awards recognise software providers from across a number of categories and industries. eBoss has previously collected accolades for User Recommendations, and for Great Customer Experience. However, the most recent award is the first that eBoss has won for its service product, rather than from the positive feedback of the user base.

eBoss: Best recruitment support of 2021

The SoftwareSuggest prize acknowledges the eBoss commitment to delivering a great value offering to every business that chooses the service. Typically, eBoss customers start as SMEs, and it is vital to ensure every customer receives timely and cost-efficient support. As well as round-the-clock troubleshooting, eBoss provides online learning tools, a self-service support clinic, live chat support and telephone assistance. On-site orientation is also available to our customers who require extensive coaching in the system.

The prize for support services is the latest in a line of wins for eBoss. In February, eBoss reached the shortlist of the best recruitment software systems of 2021 on Digital.com.

“support is key to software delivery”

eBoss UK Director Robert Ward expressed his gratitude at receiving the award:

“We know as well as anyone that support is one of the key factors in software delivery. The product and features have to be of an excellent standard too, of course. But if you ask businesses which aspect of a software service they value the most, I’d estimate that a large majority would tell you it is the peace of mind they get from knowing they have a good support team on standby to assist them with any issues they run into.

The Software Suggest award goes beyond troubleshooting software and usability questions. It acknowledges our online and in-person training and onboarding of new customers. It recognises the volume of positive feedback that we have accrued from our user base over the past five years. When it comes to quality of service from our support team, we have always known that we were leading the market. It is with great delight that we can now say that eBoss is the best recruitment software when it comes to customer care and support services.”

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