New Feature: Send Jobs | eBoss Recruitment Software

Send jobs to candidates – the easy way.

Here’s an efficient time-saving tool for you to use.

• Send Jobs Button

Next time you enter a candidate profile, you may notice a new icon at the top of the screen:

That is the Send Jobs button. Use this to easily send job order details and vacancy descriptions to a specific candidate.

What is it?

• Send a job to a specific candidate in a single click – from within the profile screen.

• Auto-fill the message, using pre-made templates.

• Bulk-send the same job description to multiple candidates from the Job Order screen.

How does it work?

The Send Jobs button is really simple.

When you find it on a candidate’s profile page, you click it and choose the relevant job order from the pop-up menu.

Then, you choose the message template that you want to use, and the job description is automatically embedded within the text.

A single click, and the message is sent. See it in action, below:

But that’s only half the story. Send Jobs will also let you bulk-send the same open Job Order to multiple candidates. To do this, open the relevant Job Order page. Then, click the Send Jobs button. The pop-up screen allows you to add multiple candidates to the list of recipients. Again, you can use a pre-made template for your message, and send with a single click.


• Send Jobs is already live on your eBoss database!

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