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Save Time and Money Thanks to CV Parsing

Running a business comes with a surprising number of hidden costs, everything from office supplies to keeping the lavatories stocked. One of the most pernicious and unavoidable is the hiring process, when a new position opens up you’re already losing productivity and revenue by not having it filled. When you add in the costs associated with sorting through potentially hundreds of individual resumes or CV’s, things can quickly spiral out of control as valuable man-hours are devoured just getting down to the few you can seriously consider.

CV Parsing Software to the Rescue

Like so many other repetitive tasks, having the right software can help expedite this process and save you time and money. CV Parsing software can remove much of the grind out of finding the right candidate by automating the most basic processes involved in selecting the right candidate. With a fully featured CV parser you’ll be able to quickly determine:

CV Parsing


Core Competencies

Is there anything more frustrating than having a mountain of CV’s in front of you, and wasting valuable time sorting through them just to make sure the candidates have the most basic of requirements? Recruitment systems like eBoss, streamline this process by only presenting those candidates that meet your specifications, letting you dedicate your time to finding the right person to meet your company’s needs.

Employment History

By analyzing the employment history of your applicants, your recruitment software can help bring those candidates with specific backgrounds to your attention. Anyone who’s spent time digging through local applicants knows that there are times when it’s best to either seek out or avoid applicants with certain elements in their work histories.

Is there a competitor who’s recently done a lot of lay-offs? A solid CV parser can bring these to your immediate attention, after all, experience in the right companies can help mitigate training costs or ensure a boost in productivity from day one.

Are you trying to avoid hiring those who have a history working for a particular company? Many companies have non-competition agreements once an employee has moved on, and interviewing them would waste valuable time and resources.

Contact Information

Little is as frustrating as finding the perfect candidate with great skills and experience only to realize that they haven’t left you any of their contact information. Solid recruitment software gives you the opportunity to set up a set of inclusive or exclusive parameters to ensure that your time is spent on those who are able to be reached. If the information isn’t there, you never see the document.

Who needs to spend all that time shuffling paper and reading through documents trying to find the information necessary to contact your future employees? With the right CV management software, you’ll have everything in hand and right where you need it.

Callback Management

A fully featured CV parsing program will ensure everything works together smoothly, limited your reliance on outside methods and scattered note-keeping methods. Once you’ve narrowed down your search parameters and selected those applicants you want to carry on to the next phase of hiring, scheduling callbacks can often be done with a single click, getting everything sorted into place.

What to look for in Recruitment Software?


At the end of the day, CV Parsing software will save you a huge amount of time and money, and in today’s fast paced business world, it will ensure that all your time is used to its greatest effect. There are a couple of key factors you want to keep in mind when choosing recruitment software. The two you should most concern yourself with is Accuracy and Coverage.


Coverage describes the range of information that a CV Parser extracts from the files, the most basic ones will extract skills, work histories, and relevant qualifications. For an even more comprehensive experience, you can invest in full spectrum parsers that also extract referees, salary desired, visa status, hobbies, and a slew of other options to make sure you can gather and sort your applicants information as fits your needs.


All the information gathering in the world isn’t worth a thing if it’s not accurate, so finding recruitment software that’s highly rated in accuracy is going to be crucial to making sure you get your investments worth. You’ll often see ratings from 85% on up indicating the quality of the software or service you’re investing in. Make no mistake, if you’re falling in anywhere under the 92% accuracy rate, you’re going to be spending more time sorting through the output than you’ll be saving by running it in the first place.

At the end of the day, selecting a powerful and accurate software suite to manage your CV parsing can take hours of work off your plate, and help you to make the most informed decisions in your hiring process.

Additional Features:

Many CV Parsers come as part of a suite of that offers additional powerful and useful features that save money and help to optimize your hiring experience even further. Examples include:

Email Client – A Built in Email client streamlines the steps from selection to notification.
VOIP – Make the phone call with a single click with integrated VOIP services like Skype.
Job Board Integration – Post and Update new job listings across multiple job boards with no fuss.
Migration Options – Importing and exporting new files into the system for ease of reference.
API – Integrate your system into your own custom website using an API.


Needless to say, utilizing a CV Parsing program in your business model can help eliminate hours or tedious work spent digging through the files of applicants and selecting just the right one. Your business shouldn’t be tied down with the bulky process of locating and hiring the right personnel, incorporate recruitment software into your business model today, and start spending your time where it counts, running your business.


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