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2017: Recruitment in review | Recruiters Weekly News

As 2017 draws to a close, eBoss looks back at a record-breaking twelve months for the recruitment sector. The past year has seen unprecedented growth, challenges for the public sector, and the emergence of some innovative technology and approaches. From automated recruitment software, to skills growth and GDPR, what has been the top talking point […]

An early Christmas for gig workers? | Recruiters Weekly News

A ruling by the European Court of Justice could re-shape the gig economy and award paid leave to contractors. But, while temporary gig workers win victories in the courts, will new rights be enforceable in real-world situations? Christmas comes early for self-employed workers We often talk about the future of work and how employment may […]

Risk and Reward in the future of work | Recruiters Weekly News

Tomorrow’s workplace might look a lot different to the one we know today. But what should we be looking forward to,– and what are the potential problems facing the future of work? As a global recruitment specialist analyses this subject in a wide-ranging report, what can recruiters do to prepare? Experts assess recruiters’ fortunes in […]

Are schools failing the retention test? | Recruiters Weekly News

Staff retention is fundamental to the success of any organisation. Beyond the tangible cost of re-hiring, the disruption it can inflict on processes and cohesion may affect output. This impact on the internal culture of an organisation is never more important than within our schools. But a new report out this week has found that […]

Something Old, Something New… | Recruiters Weekly News

The disparity between modern recruitment techniques and traditional approaches has never been wider. As established methods fall victim to laws of diminishing returns, we sample some contrasting cases from this week’s headlines. Who is implementing smart schemes to attract top talent? What role does technology play in effective recruitment? And how can beleaguered public services […]

Blockchain recruitment | Recruiters Weekly News

Will implementations of blockchain technology transform our societies in the coming years? From cryptocurrencies in fintech, to blockchain recruitment, technology will play a key role in the digital transformation of work. Blockchain Recruitment in Australia This week, Collins dictionary named ‘fake news’ as the most important neologism of 2017. But the term ‘blockchain’ must surely […]

Automation: Employment problem or solution? | Recruiters Weekly News

There is no greater debate in recruitment than the consequences of automation on the workplace. Will it solve all our problems and make our lives easier? Or will it deprive huge numbers of people of their livelihoods? This week, our news round up takes a look at an in depth discussion on the subject of […]

Schools: the new talent pipeline? | Recruiters Weekly News

Private enterprise is playing a leading role in educational funding. Although organisations would present their contributions as acts of social responsibility, they may be donating to attract top talent. But if schools become the next talent pipeline, what effects could competition have on educational budgets – and traditional recruitment? Doncaster College to meet the challenges […]

The Best Professions for a wage increase? | Recruiters Weekly News

While the UK economy struggles to build overall momentum, a survey this week shows the sectors which have enjoyed the fastest wage growth of the past year. Are you one of the lucky ones? Recruitment among top industries for wage increases Recruitment features among the list of top ten industries for pay increases, according to […]

How to create a fair deal for employees | Recruiters Weekly News

Uber has lost its right to trade in London, and the fundamental concepts of the ‘gig economy’ are being called into question. Business leaders and authorities must now choose a path for the future of recruitment. But is the answer to regulate jobs – or to find a way to make unsecured appointments work for […]