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2020 is no time for hindsight | eBoss Recruitment Blog

Interview with eBoss Director of Sales Robert Ward 2019 is almost over. We are rapidly approaching a new year and a new decade. In my capacity as company Director of Sales (UK) I wanted to explain why 2020 will be a year of looking forwards – not one of hindsight – for eBoss. Partnerships We […]

Towards Transparency | Recruiters Weekly News

Should workers in unsecured positions have their hourly pay published? Should your old social media posts be used during the interview process? And where in IT can jobs growth be found? Find out the answers in our weekly round-up of recruitment industry headlines. Social media recruitment under the microscope Social media recruitment is a valuable […]

Migrant, graduate, green: today’s workforce | Recruiters Weekly News

It’s not just jobs and businesses that are changing: workers are changing, too. Although we often hear when opportunities are scarce, or rights are eroded, we know less about the ways recruits are reshaping the workplace to fit their own attitudes and objectives. This week we look at some of the methods that recruiters and […]

Vodafone boost for “Northern Powerhouse” amidst regional concerns

As a new study claims to expose cracks in the foundations of the government’s so-called Northern Powerhouse, an internal restructuring by the telecommunications giant Vodafone could see hundreds of jobs moving out of the south of England, and into Scotland and the north. As wealth and jobs remain concentrated around the capital, the fear of […]

UK Recruitment Agencies in 2016

We’ve been noticing a lot of analysis of recruitment agencies over the last few weeks and thought we would highlight some of the interesting observations made by people way smarter and with a lot more time on their hands.   Deloitte survey the industry on an annual basis and whilst you need to participate in […]

10 Ways To Strengthen Business Relationships For Recruiters

Having an assortment of clients with whom you have a strong professional relationship and can rely on for steady work and leads can make or break a career in the recruiting industry. However, whether by chance, pre-existing connections or simple charisma, some recruiters find these bonds easier to establish than others. A little struggle is […]

Why choose Saas Recruitment Software

SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE In very simple terms, SaaS – Software as a Service – is a service that allows those who wish to use it to access computer software through the internet without having to have the software installed on their own devices in one location. Services such as Xero, Photoshop CS, Quickbooks online […]

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Recruitment Software

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking System Recruitment Software   So it’s time to find a new recruitment software or a better Applicant Tracking System. Either your business has outgrown your old solution or you’ve been struggling along without one. But now you want to improve your customer service capabilities, professionalism and save […]