Maximise your sales potential with these hiring tools | Recruitment CRMS

As a recruiter, you will wear many hats throughout your day. You could be a candidate’s career advisor one minute, and talent consultant to a client the next. You’re a researcher and you’re an administrator. You are also, of course, a salesperson.

Recruitment sales can be a touchy subject. Some recruiters would not like to think of themselves as working a sales role – though they would probably concede there are many transferable skills between the two. But just as many relish the art of the sale in their recruitment work. It’s why we see so many agencies and consultancies with such a rich diversity of approaches and business strategies.

Whether you are passionate about closing deals or see it as an unfortunate necessity of your vocational calling, there are always ways to improve.

This article will look at a few technological solutions to help you realise your full sales potential.

Hiring Tools

Choosing the right tools for the job is the key to success in any field. And a small investment today can save you time and money every day for the rest of your life. the sheer choice and range of recruitment software on the market today means there is a perfect match for every business. But which features are right for you?

Jobfeed UK and sales leads

Let’s start with the one that is going to impact your sales most directly of all: recruitment lead generation software.

The most powerful piece of kit for recruiters at present is Jobfeed access.

In short, a jobfeed is a real-time database of all available openings on the job market. Think of it like an old fashioned ticker tape on the stock market trading floor, bringing up-to-the-minute news and tips. This feed can be broadened to find nationwide roles, or reduced to within five miles of any specified postal address. The data is full, accurate, and brand new.

Who benefits? Well, it’s a massive head-start for recruiters who sell their services on the speed of their response times. And, if you’re a startup struggling to find your first few clients, it is an enormous leads funnel to have at your fingertips.

recruitment CRMS

Next up is the customer relations management system. Your recruitment CRMS is a single-screen tracker for all things client-related.

From this one screen, you can see open job statuses. You can view feedback notes. You can send communications by whichever channel you know your client prefers – SMS, email, or whatsapp.

A smart recruitment CRMS also enables automatic updates. You don’t need to file endless admin reports and share your notes, because they’re all collected together by the system.

Who benefits the most? Well, actually – the client does. If you’ve ever had a poor customer experience, it’s probably from an agency that is not using its recruitment CRM half as much as it should be doing.

Also, if you’re an agency that constantly finds itself bogged down in admin, reports, and team co-ordination meetings, the CRM is for you.

Match automations

The very concept of candidate matching automations can provoke a sense of dread in recruiters. It is the fear that “the robots are taking over”, and that we will all be out of a job.

But Matching software is not really like that. A human recruiter can function just fine without match software – albeit with a greatly increased workload. A Match software without a human is, frankly, useless.

Simply put, Match software will look at the criteria for any open job listing and – with a single click – find all of the qualified candidates that are available on your database. Match essentially builds an automated shortlist. This is crucial for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s fast. A machine-built shortlist that’s available in seconds will beat almost every other recruiters to the punch. And the ones that you don’t beat are also using Match software.

But more than that, it’s fair. By letting a machine AI choose your shortlist, you are able to remove bias accusations from your hires. The Match system assesses suitability by the CV alone – the candidates’ own words. It does not judge by ethnicity, age, gender, surname, schooling, post code or bank balance. It is inscrutably fair.

So don’t worry about joining the “recruitment darkside”, just by using Matching software. Your candidates, clients, and bank manager will all thank you for your decision!

Soft Skills & Experience

But some hiring tools cannot simply be bought off the rack. They are handed down by others, or earned through years of dedication and hard work.

Recruitment soft skills are many and diverse. You need to be a great listener, but a great talker too. You have to show your candidates that you share their ambitions – but you must also find realistic opportunities for them. Empathy, leadership and delegation are all key factors in determining whether a recruitment agency will last or fail.

While most people can draw upon innate interpersonal soft skills to improve the way they work, it is possible to acquire such understanding, too. Recruiters like to call it “gut-feeling” or instinct. That sense that you just know when a perfect candidate drops into your lap. But that is underplaying the reality that such gut-feeling is actually developed through years of experience and on-the-job learning. Listen to your colleagues. Share tips and take advice and positive criticism as an opportunity to learn and develop those vital soft skills.

And, while I said that experience cannot be bought, there are some truly phenomenal distance learning courses you can try. the internet is perhaps the greatest of all the hiring tools. We can use it to learn from experts and industry veterans: cheaply, remotely, and in our own time.

Recruitment sales: In summary

Hopefully, this article has gone some way towards demystifying recruitment sales. You don’t have to be a natural, born salesperson to excel. As with any career, you find success by playing to your strengths and addressing your weaknesses over time. In terms of the tech, it is easy to be overwhelmed. But it’s not as daunting as all that. The recruitment software on the market today is so varied, and engineered to such a high degree, that usability has never been better. If you’re still worried, choose a provider that is known for its award-winning support services.

It’s true that we’re all working to increasingly efficient standards. What worked five, two or even one year ago may not cut it today. But that is something to embrace, not dread. Because growing efficiency should be defined by better outcomes, not harder work. these elegant technological solutions are ways to improve your sales volumes, yes. But does that mean they should increase your workload too? No. In fact – you may find your workload gets significantly lighter, when you choose the right hiring tools for you.