eBoss Recruitment Software Idibu v3 Integration

Did you know you can connect your eBoss recruitment software Crm system directly to idibu v3 ?

This is accomplished using Idibu’s nifty chrome extension in conjunction with the CRM handoff plug in.

Setting up and configuring the extensions to connect both systems is extremely simple and takes just a matter of seconds.

The CRM handoff plug in is a standard inclusion in idibu v3

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The integration set up of idibu v3 and eBoss is as simple as getting the eBoss link from your idibu account manager, entering it into the crm configuration field of the extension settings and clicking the ‘add’ button.

The idibu v3 CRM handoff plug in is the link that lets your system talk back to eBoss.

The set up of the plug in allows you to select eBoss from a list of preconfigured CRM systems and requires your eBoss username and password to facilitate the connection

There are a number of options within the plug in configuration that allow you to optionally automatically sync data between eBoss and idibu v3. These include creation of new vacancies, vacancy notes or candidate notes.

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You can also optionally sync all candidates, or only the candidates that you have tagged with a specific ATS status (like “Send to eBoss” ) from idibu through to eBoss.

Candidate Acquisition

Manually adding a new vacancy in idubu, will redirect you across to eBoss to add the vacancy details, as all vacancies need to be present within the CRM system for the recruitment process to begin.

Once the vacancy details are in, clicking the idibu icon in the browser toolbar gives access to all the candidate acquisition services that idibu offers, such as post out, cv database search including remote cv databases, outsourced recruitment and candidate boost.

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The elegant integration is demonstrated in the ‘post out adverts’ process – as clicking on the drop down menu item opens up the ‘post out adverts’ dialogue with all the information pre-filled from the vacancy information entered into eBoss.

It is then just a matter of selecting the job boards you would like the vacancy post on and idibu takes care of the rest.

Managing Applicants:

Applicants flowing in from the job boards are gathered by the idibu ATS system and can be manually reviewed for suitability. Once assessed as a match for the advertised vacancy, clicking the green traffic light icon allows you to select ‘Send to eBoss’ status, which then passes the candidate information across to eBoss, creates the candidate record and links the candidate to the original vacancy that they responded to.

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Recruitment Software Database Synchronisation

Managing the entry and maintenance of data across split platforms is a major concern for most recruitment agencies. Not only does it duplicate work and increase administration expenses. It can also lead to mistakes and errors that can compromise your relationship with your clients.

That’s where the tight synchronisation between the two systems is of most value. If you are utilising a feature within idibu such as SMS, then you can be sure that a note or event that is tracked is also passed and duplicated into eBoss, so you never miss a thing.

The candidate clipping feature of idibu chrome extension allows you to collect candidate data from external websites such as linkedin or candidate cv databases, so delivers an extremely quick way to collect data, populate idibu and pass that candidate information through to eBoss. By selecting the vacancy and the ATS status of ‘send to eBoss’ the linkedin candidate is automatically parsed through to eBoss and linked to the vacancy with a single click


Watch the idibu v3 eBoss integration video

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