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How to: write better job descriptions | Recruitment Consultancy Tips

Are your clients confused by nonsensical or irrelevant job applicants? Does it seem like some candidates have not even read the job description? It probably means that they haven’t. This guide explains how to write job description text that works in the modern world. The problem: your client is not receiving applications from the type […]

Monetize Data: here’s how | Recruitment Consultancy Tips

Survivalism for recruiters? When faced with tough times, a little resourcefulness may be the difference between success and failure. Communities which operate on finite resources learn to not be wasteful. You’ve probably heard the old butchers’ expression: “the only part of the pig that isn’t used is its ‘oink’. Recruiters, operating in strange times, may […]

eBoss earns digital.com shortlist place | recruitment software news

eBoss has been named as one of the top recruitment industry software suppliers of 2021. eBoss is very proud to reveal that our service has qualified for the Digital.com shortlist of Best Recruitment Software 2021. It places eBoss among the 15 most trusted brands in our industry today. The Digital.com shortlist aims to highlight the […]

New to recruitment – facilities and systems | Recruitment Consultancy Tips

“Realistically, is it possible to run a recruitment business from a bedroom?” Launching a startup won’t always require a lot of resources. However, it frequently means making do with what’s available and learning to cope without some of life’s luxuries. In this second part of our startup guide, we look at some bare-bones scenarios, plus […]

Dealing with Disruption | Recruitment Consultancy Tips

There is more than lockdown to contend with in recruitment. But what are the big, near-term disruptors for our sector? The world feels like it is in a state of flux right now. Pandemics, social and political change, and day-to-day disruptions to our jobs and lifestyles. With few certainties to attach our hopes and aspirations […]

New to recruitment – where to start? | recruitment consultancy tips

“I want to start a recruitment enterprise. Where do I begin?” This is a typical question, and the answers are fairly established. In this guide, we will examine what it takes to start recruiting and answer some of the key questions. What are the core competencies of a successful recruiter? How can I establish my […]

Your Recruitment Priorities for 2021 | UK Recruitment News

Our latest industry poll measures the intentions of top recruiters for the next twelve months. Do your recruitment priorities in 2021 match our panel of experts’ choices? After the uphill battle that was 2020, many recruiters will be eyeing the next twelve months with hope. Although the UK has entered a new national lockdown this […]

ONS Job Market Data: December 2020 | Recruitment News UK

Is Britain’s labour market de-coupling through COVID? A fresh spike in redundancies is met by a rise in vacancies and hours worked. It means that UK recruiters could be facing a period of unprecedented churn in the new year. The latest Office for National Statistics figures for the UK labour market have been released. The […]