New Feature: eBoss Match | eBoss Recruitment Software

Supercharge your database in 2020 with eBoss Match.

UPDATE: Match is now live. Read our full eBoss Match product description to learn more.

eBoss is delighted to announce a new feature for your database in the new year.

• Match for eBoss

First, we have Match: a new way to cross-reference existing data against new opportunities, turning ‘old’ into ‘gold’ in an instant.

What is it?

• With Match, your eBoss database will automatically double-check existing candidates and jobs every time new data is added to the database.

• Never overlook those easy wins every again.

• Automate some of the most labour-intensive aspects of working the database.

How does it work?

With Match, your eBoss system will automatically scan the database for potential matches every time you add a new candidate.

So, if you have an outstanding position, eBoss will let you know automatically if a new candidate is right for the role.

And it works both ways.

Add a new vacancy to your eBoss database, and Match will find every candidate on the system that you ought to be considering for the role.


• Match is now live on your eBoss database. Talk to your account manager to activate it.

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